Rafusoft Founder, S M Rafaet Hossain, Pioneers The Development Of The First Antivirus Solution In Bangladesh


Rafusoft Founder, S M Rafaet Hossain, also known as Rafu, has made significant contributions to the computer software and technology industry over the past two decades. With a passion for computers dating back to his school days, Rafu started programming at the early age of 1995. Today, he is a renowned social worker, entrepreneur, and malware analyst who has made pioneering contributions to the field of antivirus solutions.

Rafu’s dedication and hard work in the software industry have not gone unnoticed. He has worked with nine different software firms as a third-party agent, consulted for six companies, and designed networks for three internet service providers. In addition, he has made significant innovations in security systems, network revolution, spying systems, and PGP encryption. For his exceptional work in the field, Rafu was awarded the prestigious Pioneer Award in the software industry, as well as accolades from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Rafu’s commitment to innovation and progress has led him to establish partnerships with various organizations to promote technological advancements. He has collaborated with universities, research institutes, and IT companies to exchange knowledge and ideas. Rafu’s company, Rafusoft, has also partnered with several international companies to provide quality services in the field of cybersecurity. These collaborations have helped to promote growth and development in the ICT sector in Bangladesh and beyond.

Rafu’s expertise and experience in the field of computer technology and software development have led to the development of the first antivirus solution in Bangladesh by his company, Rafusoft. He is the first cloud antivirus developer in Bangladesh and has made remarkable contributions to the field of cybersecurity. Rafu’s company provides a range of IT services, including custom software development, website design and development, web-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) for business process management, digital marketing, hospital management software, school management software, and cyber security.

Rafu is also a social worker who has made significant contributions to the educational sector of the country. He founded Rokkha Welfare Society, a non-governmental organization, and several other successful ventures, including Raipur Auto Rice Mills, Trustnews24, Rafu Media House, Rafu Traders, and Rafusoft Agro. One of his most notable achievements is founding Daily Trust News 24, one of the most popular daily newspapers in the country.

With exceptional client-handling skills, Rafu has worked with clients from the USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, China, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Nepal, the UK, Australia, and other countries worldwide. He attends numerous ICT-based events and maintains close relationships with his clients to ensure their satisfaction.

Rafu’s entrepreneurial spirit and visionary leadership have made a significant impact on the ICT industry and the country as a whole. His pioneering work in the field of cybersecurity has led to the development of the first antivirus solution in Bangladesh, establishing Rafusoft as a leading company in the field. Through his hard work and dedication, Rafu has become an inspiration for future generations of computer scientists and entrepreneurs.


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