Rae Shearn Discusses Lawyers for Online Influencers

Rae Shearn is someone who is familiar with the world of online influencers. An online influencer is someone who uses their platform to encourage people to purchase certain products or services. Influencers can make a substantial amount of money once they get enough followers and can secure deals with various brands. However, there are certain risks that come with being an influencer, even though many people see it as a low-key job. Here are some of the reasons why experts like Rae Shearn endorse attorneys for online influencers and those who are involved with them.

Lawyers for Online Influencers

1. To Mitigate Slander Accusations

Social media is a great way to allow people to express their opinions. However, with that comes the opportunity that some people will use their chosen platform to bad mouth other people and try to ruin their reputations. Harassment and defamation, or the intentional act of attempting to ruin someone’s character, can lead to certain charges that a lawyer can try to mitigate. As an influencer, you could lose endorsements if someone feels that you are saying something bad about another person, especially if it is not in line with the company that endorses you.

On the flip side, people who are on the receiving end of an influencer’s bullying may also need a lawyer. This is especially true if the bullying and harassment have caused them psychological damage or loss to their business.

2. To Navigate Contracts

Social media influencers often make their money via contracts with particular companies. Contracts have a number of stipulations that both parties must adhere to, which can leave a lot of confusion if either one does not understand a certain aspect of the contract. An attorney who knows the ins and outs of a contract can be a great benefit to you as an influencer, especially if you are just getting started with your online business.

3. To Protect Property Rights

The most successful influencers become well-known by promoting and posting a lot of content. The risk that comes with posting a high number of content is the likelihood that you might post something that infringes on the property rights of another creator. Rae Shearn highly recommends getting an attorney involved in this situation, since a legal professional knows more about intellectual property laws than you do as a creator.

Rae Shearn Reiterates Reasons To Hire a Lawyer

Social media influencers are generally self-made people who might resist seeking the help of professionals for their legal needs. However, if you are an influencer who needs legal help, it is much to your benefit to hire a lawyer to provide legal advice. Some of the things that lawyers do include helping people decipher legal terms and protecting their names against slander in the public sphere.

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