Racing Sim Fans Compete to Win Prizes From 1 Million $HSAC Pool in Virtual Web3 Grand Prix

Racing Sim Fans Compete to Win Prizes From 1 Million $HSAC Pool in Virtual Web3 Grand Prix

Fans of the Assetto Corsa racing simulator game can now test their skills in the virtual driver’s seat on a Web3 platform, with real cryptocurrency prizes to be won. The HSAC Web3 Grand Prix (GP) competition just launched in Singapore, with a prize pool of 1 million HSAC tokens from which racers and audience members are being rewarded.

HSAC is the first attention economy token built on the Bitcoin network’s new BRC-20 protocol. As the token is built specifically to reward user engagement, HSAC’s Web3 Grand Prix series is a perfect use case of how HSAC can be applied to an internet platform or game. The event’s Singapore Grand Prix Street Circuit is ongoing now, and HSAC is touring the event at a number of blockchain conference venues this year.

In addition to competing in the races, participants can also interact with other fans and engage with the immersive platform’s Web3 partners and sponsors. Fans can vote for their favorite racers and engage with the community to easily earn HSAC tokens, or enter the races as a driver to win even bigger HSAC rewards. There are also limited edition BRC20 ordinals available (which are kind of like NFTs minted on the Bitcoin network) to commemorate the event.

The September 13 Singapore launch of the HSAC Web3 Grand Prix was well-calculated: this week, the city is hosting the 2023’s largest blockchain conference, Token2049, along with the world-famous Singapore Formula One Grand Prix. More than 300 thousand people flock to the island city every year to watch the races, making it the perfect place for HSAC to onboard a ton of new fans.

What is a BRC-20 token?

Just launched in March 2023, BRC-20 is a brand new token protocol built on the Bitcoin network. Much like the ubiquitous ERC-20 altcoins are built on the Ethereum network, the BRC-20 protocol enables projects to launch their own tokens that leverage the unique advantages of Bitcoin.

One of the top features of BRC-20 tokens like HSAC is that they are built on the most popular network on the planet—in fact, Bitcoin still accounts for almost half of all cryptocurrency on the market. This gives HSAC access to an already vibrant community of Bitcoin supporters, and the credibility of a blue chip crypto to back it up.

BRC-20 tokens are also much more cost-effective than Ethereum, saving users approximately US$6 per transaction in comparison. Ethereum has also been subject to a number of hacks over the years, making it potentially less safe. Meanwhile, HRC-20 tokens are still quite capable of maintaining respectable transaction speeds.

These advantages add up to give HSAC broad appeal that can help build new opportunities for companies as an attention economy token. Drivers, teams and sponsors alike that participate in the HSAC Web3 GP represent part of a movement to embrace the Bitcoin community like never before.

For more information about how to participate in the HSAC Web3 GP, join the official Discord channel: To learn more about HSAC, visit the official website:

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