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Race City Flight Operations Airline Pilot Training

Race City Flight Operations is the best flight school whether you are seeking airline pilot training, career pilot training or hobby pilot training. Our focus is you-the student. No matter what your goal is, you are the most important student to us. Any pilot training can be demanding and overwhelming, but keeping the focus on you and your studies, we help to ensure your success. Our instructors, customer service, maintenance and admissions staff are all here to ensure you are on track for your goal. Our airline pilot training programs are flexible but demanding to ensure you become an airline pilot quickly and efficiently. Learn more

Our Instructors

Our flight instructors’ focus is the student. Whether you are airline pilot training, career pilot training or hobby pilot training, our instructors are with you every step of the way to ensure you are progressing towards your future goals. Some instructors want to be airline career pilots just like you, so you know they are keeping your interests and goals as their focus.

Flight School

Have you ever looked up at an airplane? Do you daydream about traveling to other lands? Flying is a timeless romantic ability that can complete a lifelong dream, giving you a different perspective or the world you live in. Instead of staring up at the airline jets, why not look down at your house and your neighborhood? Whether you are looking for airline pilot training, career pilot training or hobby pilot training-Race City Flight Operations is the best flight school to get you in the air quickly and efficiently. We have the airplanes, the flight instructors and in-house maintenance to ensure your flight is dispatched as scheduled, on time and with you as the priority.

Career Pilot Program

Time to be an airline pilot? Are you done thinking about airline pilot training and want to jump in? Stop wasting time and train with the best flight school offering quick and efficient airline pilot training. We offer flexible training options but can accommodate any schedule to ensure your airline pilot training will be completed fast.

Flight training finance – How to pay  for the best airline pilot training

Quality flight training is not cheap. Airline pilot training uses a lot of airplanes, instructors and resources in a short time. Becoming an airline pilot, you’ll make a great salary but how do you get there? Financing offers students a great way pay for the flight training now and pay off a loan later when the steady salary is paying you back. Our airline pilot training options give you the ability to pick what package is right for you, what pilot certificates do you want and need for your future path! When you compare this to a University degree, which are lower income caps, and most of the degrees prepare you for a career behind a desk, financing your aviation flight training and commercial pilot dreams are truly hard to beat.

We offer Housing Options 

The Race City Flight Operations Lake House allows for students who want better weather, better training, and a better option for student housing than being crammed in tight quarters and not be comfortable during your airline pilot training. Plenty of space to stretch out, relax and recharge while you’re studying for your flight training. Our student housing option is the best option for flight students who don’t live within a reasonable drive time of Race City Flight Operations.

Race city Flight Operations Maintenance facility services

Quality maintenance is a key component to safe and competent pilot training. Whether you are looking for airline pilot training, career pilot training or hobby pilot training, airplanes must be safe and airworthy. Our flight school airplanes have top operational dispatch reliability, shouldn’t your airplane be cared for the same way?

How do I become a pilot? Airline pilot training, getting paid to fly or hobby pilot.

Safe and competent airline pilot training, that’s our goal at Race City Flight Operations. Whether you are looking for airline pilot training, career pilot training or hobby pilot training, you need to feel safe in your airplane, you need to feel secure with your flight instructor, and you need to feel like your time and money is being efficiently used towards your pilot training goals. We use a syllabus so you know what your next lesson will be. This way you can prepare for your lesson. Read your textbook, watch a YouTube video, or read the FAA books that describe the tasks you’ll be faced with. Efficient use of your time will allow you to get your airline pilot training accomplished quickly. Ready to start your flight training? Come out to our flight school and get started. We will walk you through the process, answer all of your questions, and make sure you are completely comfortable with how the next few months will look. Whether you choose our flight school, that’s entirely up to you. But the answers we give you should be the same no matter what flight school you choose. We have everything you need to succeed!

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