Rabet Wallet Simplifies User Integration with Stellar Network

Rabet, a new generation of cryptocurrency wallets is making it easy for users to interact with the Stellar network. Rabet is an integrated set of open-source wallets that serves as a gateway into the Stellar ecosystem. Notably, through the wallet, users can interact and perform all necessary Stellar network operations in a favorable and secure environment.

Why you Need Rabet

With Rabet, users can easily exchange or transfer their assets, and it provides a safer environment for the users to interact with stellar Apps. Rabet has been made compatible with all internet platforms, and it can be downloaded and installed on your device’s browser, a desktop, or a smartphone. Hence making it accessible to all Stellar network users around the world.

In addition, the Stellar network has introduced a governance token RBT for Rabet. RBT will ensure growth and participation for the Stelar client layer. However,  its main aim is to provide every Stellar family member with a stakeholder in the value that Rabet makes.

The goal of Stellar is to award fifty percent of the value to the members in different categories. Ten percent will be awarded to the group of members that ensure development. Another ten percent will be awarded to the public, through public and private sales, to allow the members to buy the RBT tokens. Twenty percent of the value will be awarded to long-term investors who invest in Rabet. The remaining ten percent will advertise and brand Rabet for the B2B partnership and any other requirement.

Stellar has put aside ten percent of the supply to be awarded to members who will work with the team to identify any glitch on the project’s software. These users will be required to report the issue through a pool request on GitHub, and the reward will depend on how huge the problem is.

Ten percent of the supply will be Awarded each month to loyal members that have RBT in their wallets. The reward will be distributed depending on the number of tokens you have. To enjoy this reward, a member should have a minimum of 1000 RBT.

RBT holders’ opinions and concerns will be taken into consideration. They will be allowed to vote on issues affecting RBT; they will also be able to participate in the development and growth of RBT via a portal that will be built in the near future.

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