QuickSwap LP Mining — Earn AWX, USDC, dQUICK, and QUICK in 2 easy steps!

Aurus and QuickSwap are bringing everyone the opportunity to earn more with their crypto holdings in 2 simple steps. We have just launched the AWX-USDC pair on Quickswap where you can provide liquidity with your AWX and USDC to earn transaction revenue paid in these two assets. You will receive an LP token that you can stake to earn dQUICK tokens, which earns you a share of the overall trading activity on the Quickswap platform, paid in QUICK tokens.

With Dragon Syrup pools, you can earn a share of $200,000 in AWX.

Our goal is to continue growing the liquidity and to expand trading pairs, listing all Aurus tokens. With QuickSwap you can actually earn by contributing to the liquidity of these trading pools! So if you’re already holding Aurus tokens and ready to earn a yield, take note!

LP Mining — Earn by providing liquidity!

Earn optimal yield — summary of the process:

  1. Stake your “AWX-USDC LP token” to earn dQUICK tokens.
  2. Hold dQUICK to start earning QUICK automatically.
  3. Stake dQUICK with Dragon Syrup to earn even more AWX (double earn!)
  4. Repeat!

Follow the steps below to start earning!


LP Mining — Starting TODAY (19 Jan 2022) 7:00 PM CET (Steps 1 & 2)

2. Deposit your “AWX/USDC LP token” and earn dQUICK

After completing step 1, proceed to deposit your AWX/USDC LP token by clicking on “Farms” and then on “LP Mining”, then search for the AWX-QUICK pool and click on “Deposit”. Now you will start earning dQUICK tokens, which earns you a share of the overall trading activity (fees) on the Quickswap platform, paid in QUICK tokens!

Dragon Syrup — Starting Monday 24 Jan 2022 (Step 3)

The idea is that the AWX earned in step 3, can then be added as LP again in the AWX/USDC pair, to repeat the process…and hence a positive yield-generating feedback loop for all stakers.

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