QuickSwap Lands Fourth Polygon Chain Launch with Manta Pacific 


QuickSwap, the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) suite on Polygon, has made another significant stride in its growth journey following a resounding DAO vote. With 97% of $QUICK token holders voting “Yes,” the QuickSwap community elected to launch the QuickSwap DeFi suite on Manta Pacific. Manta Pacific is a brand new chain built on Polygon zkEVM by Manta Network for privacy-focused applications. QuickSwap’s launch on Manta Pacific marks the project’s fourth Polygon ecosystem deployment, with the QuickSwap DEX already live and thriving on Polygon PoS, Dogechain, and Polygon zkEVM. 

A Win-Win on Polygon 

For Manta users, one-click access to QuickSwap means deep liquidity, industry-leading DeFi tooling, DAO participation, and all the best Polygon has to offer in LPing, staking, and farming. By integrating with Manta Pacific, QuickSwap gains access to another vibrant community that will attract new users from Asian countries and other communities within the Manta sphere. In addition, QuickSwap and Manta users both have a unique opportunity to act as early adopters of QuickSwap on Manta Pacific to earn superb rewards. 

The partnership between QuickSwap and Manta also acts as a major win for the Polygon ecosystem. Manta Network utilized the Polygon Chain Development Kit (CDK) to make a

seamless transition to Polygon zkEVM, whose transaction speeds, low costs, and high-performance are rivaled by very few in the entire web3 space. The Polygon ecosystem has gained a valuable new project in Manta, while showcasing the easy implementation of its CDK tech. 


Looking Ahead: QuickSwap’s Accomplishments in 2023 & Opportunities in 2024 

QuickSwap’s desire to grow, stand ready, and achieve results in spite of bear market pressures is unmatched. As QuickSwap continues to expand its reach, form new relationships with different chains, advance its top ranked Crypto Podcast, All Roads Lead to Polygon, refine its focus on decentralization, and build towards mainstream adoption, it is further establishing itself as the DeFi to watch in 2024. 

Despite the challenges faced by the web3 market in 2023, QuickSwap has demonstrated resilience and a strongly held commitment to growth. QuickSwap consistently pushes boundaries in business development and technical innovation alike. Between its recent deployment on Manta Pacific and newly formed relationship with Kinetix on Kava, QuickSwap is living up to its reputation as a cutting-edge DeFi ecosystem ready to expand in any and all market conditions. The web3 cryptosphere can only imagine what Polygon and QuickSwap might unleash in a vibrant market environment characterized by positive sentiment and the notorious 2024 Bitcoin halvening. We Shall See…!

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