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Quick SEO Fixes To Boost Your Rankings 

Much of what you do in the world of SEO to boost your rankings requires a sustained effort to get it right. However, there are also many quick fixes that you can look into that offer more of an instant improvement. It’s a good idea to get both a combination of the long- and the short-term solutions to the forefront of your mind. This way, you can do something about the issues that you’re encountering. So, let’s look closer at the quick SEO fixes that you can do something about. 

Redirect any dead links 

If there are any dead links on your site that aren’t leading anywhere, it’s certainly going to be worthwhile ensuring that they’re redirected to the right places. You’ll be ranked down on searches if your site is packed with these. You need to keep auditing your site on a regular basis to ensure that these don’t stack up. After all, there will be times when pages are archived, or the site may go offline entirely. 

Use the SEO support of your CMS 

When you’re using a good-quality CMS, you should find that some of the SEO fixes that you can make are already clearly directed. It’s certainly going to be worth making the most of any support that you’re given here. Often, this just means filling in a few boxes such as putting in the URL slug. Making these changes can prove to have a worthwhile improvement to your site, so now’s certainly the time to look into it. 

Have a site audit 

If you don’t have your own internal SEO department, you could always look into getting a full site audit from the experts. An SEO company in Houston can help to ensure that you get it right. Ultimately, this can be a fairly quick action in itself, but some of the pieces of advice that you get may require some longer-term solutions that you have to put into practice over time. This should be a habit that you get into on a longer-term basis. 

Make sure that your site is mobile friendly 

It’s also going to be worth trying out your site on a mobile phone to ensure that it works just as well on a smaller device as it does on the larger ones. If your site isn’t mobile friendly, this is a potentially big problem that you need to make sure that you’re doing something about. So, whenever you’re creating any new content at all, it’s going to be more than worth it to make sure that it’s just as easily readable on a phone as it is on the other devices you have.

Ultimately, the SEO fixes that you make can end up being worthwhile when you begin to see your site shooting up through the rankings. Of course, not every single action you take is a small one. There are also the larger improvements that you need to make at a more sustained level as well. 


In the world of SEO, there are both long-term and quick fixes to improve your website’s rankings. Quick fixes include redirecting dead links, utilizing SEO features in your CMS, conducting site audits, and ensuring mobile-friendliness. While these actions can yield instant improvements, it’s essential to also focus on sustained, long-term strategies for lasting success in SEO.

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