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Quest Food Management Employees Are Loving Their Jobs

If you’re looking for a job in the Greater Chicago area, an attractive potential employer is Quest Food Management Services, as Quest Food Management employees regularly rank as some of the happiest out there. How does a company achieve this kind of work environment?

Generally, employees say this is down to a great work/life balance, excellent career opportunities, and the culture and values of the company.

Values and commitments shared by all

Established in 1985, Quest Food Management Services says it aims to provide personal service and exceptional responsiveness to communities it serves along with high-quality fresh food.

At Quest Food Management Services, employees first of all are referred to as team members. As team members they hold similar values. These values are well-communicated throughout the company, so no one is ever in doubt.

When Quest team members  know that their employer cares and has upstanding morals, they tend to feel more motivated and want to work harder. Team members are led to do the right thing at all times, respond quickly, accept responsibility, treat others with respect and deliver an excellent experience.

The values that this company has outlined are clear and make employees feel proud to be a part of the team. This contributes to its status as an exceptional work environment.

By valuing its employees, the employees in turn value the company. It’s a simple but effective model and one that more companies are trying to adopt but don’t always succeed at.

How employees develop

Quest Food Management Employees seem to have a better opportunity to learn and grow than most other workplaces.

That could be largely due to the fact that the company is in a stage of growth. It’s one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry and was ranked #33 out of the top 50 food management companies by Food Management magazine in 2020, up six spots from the previous year.

While growth is an excellent indicator that employees will have the opportunity to grow, more importantly still is the company ethos. At Quest, learning and development are made a priority, and regular feedback and communication between staff and management provide clear pathways for where someone should be heading.

What should you expect if you work for Quest Food?

At Quest Food Management Services, employees have a great work-life balance. It’s a fast-growing company, so there will be challenges and busy periods, but it seems the company and its employees value the importance of downtime and spending time with the family.

On a more practical side, the perks are more than fair, and full-time employees are eligible for medical, vision, and dental insurance, life insurance, a flexible schedule, and 401k plans.  Another big perk offered is that major holidays and weekends most employees have off.

Quest Food Management employees seem to have it all in terms of their day-to-day working life and benefits. In these ever-changing times that can be unpredictable, perhaps flexibility should be one of the key aspects job searchers should be looking for in a new employer.

On top of flexibility, it would be wise to look for stability and long-term job security. Make sure to find a company that is performing well and respects its employees, just like Quest Food Management Services.

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