Quantum Works Seeks to Pay You for Gaming

The newly launched AAA gaming studio Quantum Gaming seeks to change the face of gaming moving forward. This studio is on a mission to seamlessly integrate decentralized digital assets into its titles. They are currently working on their first project – Project Quantum. Here are some of the ways that Quantum Works could upend the market moving forward.

Stop Wasting Your Time

For the most part, the average gamer can look forward to fun times and cool adventures. Only the very best gamers go on to compete and eventually make a living doing what they love. What if there was a way to provide similar earning opportunities to the rest of the gaming industry? What if regular users could secure healthy ROIs? This is the concept that is driving the innovative team behind Quantum Works studio.  

A Pioneering Spirit

From day one, it was evident that Quantum Works was unique. For example, it’s the first gaming studio in the world to be completely funded via a cryptocurrency crowdfunding campaign. The studio successfully secured +$1 million this month to further its exploration into the melding of the blockchain and gaming sectors. If successful, the effects would be resounding for both industries. 

The Gaming Industry

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing tech sectors in the world. Recent reports have put this market on track to surpass $200 billion by 2023. The same report states that there are 2.8 billion gamers globally. These gamers are expected to generate $189.3 billion in revenue for the market. It’s these numbers that continue to drive the gaming market to new heights. 

Notably, the US has a $65.5 billion video game industry market. The market received a considerable boost during the pandemic as more gamers joined to pass the time during lockdowns. Surprisingly, this influx of new gamers has helped the video gaming industry surpass the movie industry. Impressively, the video game industry is now bigger than the North American sports and movie industries combined. 

What’s to Gain?

When you look at the industry’s numbers it’s clear, the gaming market is thriving. Best of all, most gamers are somewhat tecky in that they obviously can navigate the gaming titles and systems they utilize daily. In fact, gaming has long been a great way to learn new things. Think about it, some of you can probably still remember cheat codes from Nintendo titles like Contra – up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, a, b, a, select, start ring a bell.

Now, take a moment to think about how integrating cryptocurrencies in top gaming titles will thrust decentralized currencies into the limelight. Users will interact with digital assets such as tokens and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in new ways. They will learn how to send, receive, and trade these digital items. In the end, they will become a normal part of their everyday lives.

A New Market is on the Horizon

The integration of crypto and gaming also means the birth of new markets. The influx of valuable in-game cryptocurrencies, coupled with the use of traditional coins, means that users will need to frequent exchanges when they want to convert their assets to other tokens or fiat currency. This will drive developers to create gamer-centric exchanges that cater to this growing class of cryptocurrency users. 

Quantum Works – A Step Ahead

Recognizing that these developments are only months away, Quantum Works has made significant progress in pioneering these efforts. For one, the project has launched its first digital asset, QBIT. This cryptocurrency will first feature in the team’s primary release – Project Quantum. However, the team seeks to integrate the token into numerous titles. In this way, users from different games can leverage the token’s value. Best of all, the more titles that leverage this cryptocurrency, the more demand for the token grows. 

NFTs in Gaming

Another exciting development that can’t be overlooked is the integration of NFTs into gaming. NFTs are unique cryptocurrencies that can represent one-of-a-kind objects such as characters, real estate, or weapons. Users will be able to create and develop NFTs throughout their gaming experience. Unlike previous titles, where a gamers Avatar would develop and eventually sit idle when the gamer left the title, this new generation of NFT gamers will have true ownership over their character. 

This strategy is set to change many aspects of gaming. Imagine games like Fortnite where you build up your digital real estate. Now, visualize selling your digital real estate for crypto and cashing in on all the hard work you put into it. Quantum Works seeks to provide users with the capabilities to develop and resell their in-game assets on open marketplaces for fair market value.

An Immersive Gaming Environment.

Project Quantum is still in its early development stages but already, it’s obvious the title will include top-notch graphics and cinematography. Quantum Works has partnered with the digital art studio One Pixel Brush to ensure the title is up to par with other AAA titles in the market. One Pixel Brush is considered an industry leader in the market. Most notably, the group worked on both the Unchartered and Uncharted 2 gaming titles.

As part of this strategy, Project Quantum will run on the Unreal Gaming Engine 5. This is the most advanced gaming engine in the world at this time. Since the engine will not be officially released until later this year, the development team has already begun creating the title on Unreal Gaming Engine 4 with the goal to transfer the title over upon release of the new protocol. Notably, Unreal’s newest gaming engine will provide photo-realistic graphics to the gaming sector.

Quantum Works – A Smart Combination that Pushes Adoption

The very concept of getting paid to play video games may seem light years away from the average gamer. Luckily, it’s not. The ingenuitive approach and unique technical structure of Project Quantum should help to make these dreams a reality for most gamers moving forward. For now, both industries are patiently watching Quantum Works maneuvers.

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