Quantum AI Graham Norton Review 2023 / Scam Or Not?

“Quantum AI Graham Norton” – To reduce the risks of trading in cryptocurrency, automated trading platforms came into place. 

These platforms are run by robots that analyse the market with the help of their advanced algorithms and then make investments on your behalf. Quantum AI is one of these automated trading platforms.

Many people have used this trading platform and many more want to, but they’re confused about whether it’s a scam. Because some people called Quantum AI a scam,

To find out the answer, use this platform for a while, and now we are reviewing it for you. Open an account with Quantum AI app today!

In this Quantum AI Graham Norton Review, we’ll make you aware of the nitty gritty of it so that you can make the right decision for yourself.

Since this article is going to be handy for you, make sure you stay around till the end to learn everything in a good way.

Let’s get to our topic without getting late.

Minimum Deposit: $250
Trading Fees: Profits commission is small
Account Fees: 0
Deposit/Withdrawal Fees: 0
Software cost: 0
Subscription cost: 0

Quantum AI Overview

Quantum AI is a platform that automates trading using Advanced algorithms. AI robots manage your investments. 

As soon as they detect a profitable opportunity, they invest from your account to reap the rewards. Robots are programmed to analyse the crypto market worldwide and make appropriate trades based on their analysis.

By automating trades, the robots recommend making the most of trade load and assisting you with exit and entry locations.

With the intention of helping the greatest number of traders profit from the markets, a group of experienced mathematicians and traders developed “Quantum AI Graham Norton”.

A search for information on Quantum AI’s developer failed to yield any results. Some crypto-related businesses are not making their creators’ and owners’ identities publicly available as a warning signal when there is no information on the creators of the crypto. 

Similarly to Bitcoin, nobody knows who created it except for its name, which may be an individual or an organisation. Quantum AI Graham Norton‘s primary objective is to assist you in increasing your wealth through trade loads.

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the bot analyzes the market and looks for patterns.

This stage aims to determine when it is best to enter and exit the market, as well as maximise profits.

“Quantum AI Graham Norton” developers claim that the bot helps traders make profitable trades 90% of the time. We could not verify this with different Quantum AI evaluations, so we recommend being cautious. Open an account with Quantum AI app today!

Quantum AI Pros And Cons


  • The payouts are very fast.
  • Quantum AI has a very easy-to-use Interface.
  • No fees.
  • Automated Trading.
  • Compatible with Smartphones, iOS, PC,and laptops.
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency support.


  • There are certain locations in the United States and Hong Kong where the Quantum AI platform is not available.

Quantum AI: How Does It Work?

In the Quantum AI system, contracts for differences (CFDs) are traded on the stock exchange. The crypto CFDs are derivatives that allow buyers to buy or sell a currency at a certain price and time.

A CFD allows you to trade cryptocurrency with short or long positions. They are essential to understanding “Quantum AI Graham Norton”. CFD trading can, however, be very dangerous, so it’s very important to keep this in mind.

Therefore, investors should trade these investments with extreme caution, according to the Quantum AI website. Using “Quantum AI Graham Norton”, bitcoin trading can be made profitable through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The system is designed to analyse the market and evaluate the market’s trends in real time by combining two concepts. Based on the research, it determines the most appropriate entry and exit points.

On this platform, trading systems can be customised to suit the preferences of individual customers. “Quantum AI Graham Norton” claims it collaborates with licensed brokers who handle and manage trades. You should be responsible for your actions to minimise any negative impact.

With quantum AI’s financial brokers, your financial success is ensured because of this method.

Despite a lack of information on their operations, Quantum AI’s creators believe they are legally authorised and managed.

Quantum AI Trading Leverage

The robot’s website does not mention margin trading or leveraged trading. Many trading bots offer services for high-leverage trading.

Leveraged trading (also known as margin trading) is when traders trade alongside their own investments with the help of a broker. In theory, bigger traders earn more money.

Using leverage is risky and can put you in financial difficulty. Most trading bots allow leveraged trading, usually with a ratio of 1000:1.

Trading with margin is possible on authorised cryptocurrency exchanges, but it isn’t as robust as it is with bots and brokers that aren’t regulated (like Quantum AI). If you are an experienced trader who can repay the funds borrowed, leveraged trading is the best course of action. Open an account with Quantum AI app today!

What Is The Potential Profit From Quantum Artificial Intelligence?

You can make up to $5,000 daily from this trading platform if you’re an experienced trader who knows how trading platforms work. Money invested in it will yield more profits.

Beginners should never invest a large amount in any trading platform. Because you may lose all of your investments due to your lack of experience. Therefore, invest 10 or 20% of your total money.

Taking this approach means you won’t lose as much money, and you’ll be able to learn a lot more about investing.

It’s even better to use the virtual currency on the demo account to learn how to trade without losing any money.

Features of Quantum AI

Quantum AI is equipped with a lot of amazing features that you could get the most out of. Let’s go over each one in turn.

1) Multi-Currency Support

When you’re able to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies, you can diversify your profit. Luckily, “Quantum AI Graham Norton” allows you to do that by providing you with multi-currency support.

The trading platform allows you to trade Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). These coins are on the rise these days and can lead you to earn a huge profit.

2) Demo Accounts

With the demo trading option, you are given free virtual currencies that you can use to trade on Quantum AI. 

The goal of virtual money trading is to learn how to trade without risking any of your own money. Once you have mastered it, you can move on to live money trading.

3) The Registration And Verification Process Is Too Fast

We love this platform for trading because it doesn’t require the user to wait too long for the verification process or to sign up. This can be done in minutes.

Furthermore, these days you must undergo anti-money-laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) procedures in order to use crypto services.

For quantum AI to work, none of these steps are necessary. According to the website, signing up is as easy as typing your name, email address, and phone number.

4) A High Success Rate

Using quantum AI, the crypto trading platform generates a steady flow of profits from the cryptocurrency market.

Also, the Robots provide you with a 90% success rate of trading. 

Even so, we can’t say that you’ll be able to get a 90% profit. Because profit depends on your expertise as well.

5) Compatibility With Multiple Devices

Quantum Ai is compatible with your smartphone, laptop, PC, and even your tablet. Not only that, but it’s also compatible with iOS This makes it easier for you to swap seats anywhere in the world.

6) The Following Languages Are Supported By Quantum AI:

There are other languages available besides English, including Italian, Dutch, Irish, and Spanish. It means, even if you don’t know English and know any of these languages, you can use this trading platform. Sounds interesting?

7) Methods Of Payment

Payment methods accepted by “Quantum AI Graham Norton” include credit cards, debit cards, and bank transfers.

Quantum AI Fees

Charges can be among the most crucial factors to be aware of while conducting tests like the Quantum AI test. We analysed a number of reviews on the software and discovered the following structure of fees:


Registration Fees 0
Commissions 0.01%
Account Maintenance Fee 0
Transaction Charges 0
Inactivity Fee 9


Compared to other trading platforms, “Quantum AI Graham Norton” charges only 0.01% commission. It’s peanuts. Isn’t it? 

Also, when you make some profit, you have to pay the bots. Or else, you keep using the platform for free by just depositing $250.

Does Elon Musk Endorse Quantum AI?

In an interview, Elon Musk said that he’s going to invest in an advanced technology called Quantum Ai. From that day on, people started assuming that Elon Musk was the founder of Quantum Ai. 

But, it isn’t true. The Quantum AI that Elon Musk referred to wasn’t about crypto trading. It was just a similar project that Elon Musk is already working on.

So, this proves that Elon Musk doesn’t have anything to do with Quantum AI. It’s just an assumption or a rumour spread by people. 

If it were true, then Elon Musk would let the world know about this trading platform so that more and more people could get the most out of it. This has not yet been done. He hasn’t even tweeted once about this trading platform.

So, the rumour that Elon Musk endorsed Quantum Ai is far from being true.

Quantum AI Graham Norton

Graham William Walker (born 4 April 1963), better known by his stage name Graham Norton, is an Irish actor, author, comedian, commentator, and presenter. As we can see the Google searches about Graham Norton like; “Quantum AI Graham Norton, or Norton Graham Quantum AI” that shows the involvement of Graham Norton in Quantum AI but as we investigate and found that Graham Norton didn’t invested in Quantum AI app.

Is Quantum AI a Scam?

Now comes the most important question that most of you might be finding the answer to. 

Although the information has not been confirmed, Quantum AI maintains that it is a model of a reputable cryptocurrency initiative.

This bot’s main goal is to provide total flexibility so you can choose the best trading conditions for your needs and reduce your stress. 

Quantum AI’s developers have also stated that it only works with brokers that are licensed and subject to strict security regulations.

Traders should always consider market risk when dealing with bots and the market. Also, we recommend master trading before making any investment to any trading platform. 

Because, taking care of your investments and trades is your responsibility even when the platform is automated. In this way, your investments will be protected.

How To Sign Up For Quantum AI?

If you’ve made up your mind about trading in Quantum Ai, then you must want to learn how to sign up for it. So, the way of signing up is too easy. Just follow the steps mentioned below.

1) Create An Account On Quantum Ai

You can register with Quantum AI by visiting the website and filling out the registration form. Then sign in to your account and confirm it by pressing on the link within the confirmation email you received.

2) Fulfil the KYC Procedure

When the broker representative calls you, complete the KYC procedure and then send your money.

3) Create a demo account and try it out

Demo accounts allow you to develop a trading strategy and become familiar with the robot’s characteristics. Once you are comfortable with how the bot works, you can switch to the standard account.

4) Change Your Trading Strategy

It is important to set limits and stop-loss rules based on your financial plan and trading goals.

5) Begin Trading Live

Quantum AI requires that you enable the live trading option on your account in order to start trading.

Quantum Ai Review explains how you can start trading.


1) Is Quantum AI trustworthy?

Yes, Quantum AI is trustworthy. However, we advise you to learn how this platform works completely by using a demo account. This way, the chances of you losing your money would be the minimum.

2) What is Quantum AI investing?

Similar to other crypto trading platforms, Quantum AI allows users to connect with the crypto trading market, put money into it, and, by making the right decisions, gain exponential rewards.

3) Can you use Quantum AI in Irish?

Yes, The Quantum Ai Irish trading platform is compatible with your phone and other smartphones. This means that you’ll be able to keep connected to your investments as well as the information of your investments wherever you travel.

4) What is Quantum AI New Zealand

Quantum AI New Zealand is a branch of the Quantum Ai trading platform. It works exactly the same as Quantum Ai but operates in New Zealand.


Quantum AI is the best trading platform for those who don’t have enough time for trading. This trading platform offers you a 90% success rate. The best thing is that there is a Quantum Ai app available for you as well. 

You won’t need to visit the website over and over again. You can do two types of trading on it. One is manual trading, and the second one is automated trading. 

You can go for either of them. However, we recommend you keep your eyes on your investments and on the crypto market stats. Because the risk is always there in the crypto market.

So, this is a Quantum AI review for you. We hope it has cleared all of your doubts about this trading platform. 

Open an account with Quantum AI app today!



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