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Quant Insight unveils iQbyQi to empower retail traders with institutional-grade analytics

Quant Insight unveils iQbyQi

Quantitative financial market analytics and trading insights provider Quant Insight (Qi) has announced the launch of iQbyQi, a new product empowering retail traders in Europe and the Middle East with institutional grade analytics, currently reserved for the world’s top asset managers and hedge funds.

iQbyQi uses a cloud-based AI “market brain” which analyses millions of data points in real time, understands how they are all connected to market prices, highlights opportunities and risks, then broadcasts ‘insights and analytics’ tailored specifically to individual traders.

iQbyQi will be available through online brokers in Europe and the Middle East as a first step. Retail investors will receive iQbyQi insights and analytics, in real time. Those insights and analytics provide them with clarity on how security prices are impacted by macro forces allowing them to make better investment. All asset classes from FX to single stocks, indices, commodities, crypto, and futures are covered.

Up until this point, Quant Insight has used its ‘world-first’ technology to provide unique macro insights to some of the world’s best known investment banks, hedge funds and asset managers, including Alan Howard of Brevan Howard. With offices in London, New York, Singapore and Limassol, Qi has clients with a combined total Assets Under Management (AUM) of over $2.5 trillion incorporating Qi’s analytics in their investment process.

Speaking to TechBullion Mahmood Noorani, Co-Founder and CEO for Quant Insight said, “Key information moves markets. It’s all connected and overwhelming and it is impossible for the human brain to parallel process all this data and information.

“Institutional investors have always had access to cutting edge technology, tools and resources such as Qi. However, the trend towards democratisation is accelerating and the launch of iQbyQi designed for individual traders is another key marker on that path.

Noorani continued, “iQbyQi, has levelled the playing field, offering retail traders a real opportunity to make better investment decisions. Individual investors now have access to a new level of insight and analysis backed by AI, machine learning and data science. Armed with this unique insight into the macro-forces driving asset prices, individual investors will be better equipped to identify key market opportunities and risks. This is a far cry from the myriad of subjective, conflicting, and often confusing opinions and comments that flood retail investors every minute.”

Quant insight has been at the forefront of machine learning and technology, developing the first financial market brain that ingests millions of data points in real time and extracts signal from noise ensuring its clients are ahead of the macro curve. Qi offers a single robust quantitative framework that delivers unprecedented, previously impossible, transparency across macro.

Quant Insight is led by experienced macro hedge fund portfolio managers and leading academics in machine learning and signal extraction from Cambridge, Harvard, and Princeton, in addition to best-in-class data engineers with backgrounds from world leading technology firms.

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