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Quality Control Software

Harrington Quality Control Software is software that Harrington Group International developed in 2011 to help companies improve their internal quality control processes. The software works on barcodes to record data, assist companies in gathering information about product batches, automatically generating reports and alerts, and creating automated workflows. The software helps you achieve greater operational efficiency by reducing manual errors, increasing production output, and improving customer satisfaction. All this while saving time and money.

Users can integrate products into quality control through simple barcode scanning or data entry modes offered by the Harrington Quality Control Software, enabling quick access to any product’s vital information, including batch number/EAN Number, expiration date, etc. which are recorded smart labels for easy item identification at the point of use. This software allows information to be captured about the product, and automatically generated reports can be generated, helping you stay on top of health regulations and control food safety issues.

Many changes in different regulations and laws concerning food production can make it difficult for companies to meet these regulations while maintaining a high level of quality. The Harrington Quality Control Software helps you capture all pertinent information about each product batch by identifying the source, current location, distribution status, etc., which is then stored for auditing should such an issue arise. This includes entering data at the manufacturing site where adverse events such as faulty equipment or incorrect storage conditions happen so that companies can avoid expensive recalls and legal action related to their products.

The Harrington Quality Control Software helps you achieve the highest efficiency level by streamlining the food safety and quality control process. This software is very useful for companies that manufacture, pack and distribute food in large quantities and in which strict compliance with regulations is key to their success.

Harrington Quality Control Software Benefits

  • Automated workflow helps reduce manual errors and increase production output
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction through greater product traceability
  • Capture vital product information such as batch number/EAN Number, expiration date, etc. with barcodes or data entry modes
  • Identify the source, current location, and distribution status of each product for auditing purposes – Helps comply with health regulations

One of the main reasons why Harrington Quality Control Software is the best in the market is because it offers users the flexibility to customize their Quality Control System according to their needs.

Today, more than 2 million products are tracked through quality control labeling with the software used by over 1 million workers in 160 countries across many industrial sectors, including food & beverage, industrial manufacturing, transportation logistics, and healthcare services. This software helps manufacturers maintain the essential level of hygiene at every stage of production using barcodes or smart labels. The software has undergone rigorous testing under FDA guidelines and has been successfully adopted by leading food manufacturers worldwide, including Nestle, Unilever, Campbell’s.

Many manufacturing companies worldwide use this software for its accuracy, reliability, and user-friendly interface. This software is a must-have to achieve greater operational efficiency while meeting strict compliance regulations set by food safety laws. The Harrington Quality Control Software enables companies to manage important quality control data in real-time, ensuring that they maintain customer satisfaction across all markets. The software offers an easy approach that allows users to collect, share & analyze quality data at every stage of production with minimal effort saving them time and money to focus on what matters most – producing high-quality products that meet industry standards. Users can access real-time data through mobile devices, and they can use the software’s simple interface to track down products in case of a recall. This helps companies maintain customer satisfaction by preventing memories and minimizing product loss and damage.

The Harrington Quality Control Software Features

  • Track batches using barcodes, RFID, or manual entry modes
  • Data collection at any stage/location in the process
  • Automated workflow prevents human error and increases productivity
  • Alarm notifications alert you when an issue is detected so you can take corrective action instantly
  • Consistent traceability throughout the supply chain, from raw materials to finished goods – Mobile device compatibility for staff with tablets or smartphones
  • Data sharing across departments to increase collaboration among employees
  • Graphical organization of historical data to review product performance and customer complaints
  • Intelligent search engine so you can quickly find relevant information with a simple click of a button
  • Accurate results from accurate equipment with the help of integrated quality control tools such as pH meters, spectrophotometers, etc.

All these features have been tested under FDA guidelines and have been successfully adopted by leading food manufacturers worldwide, including Nestle, Unilever, Campbell’s, etc. Harrington Quality Control Software has been designed for any device that offers a browser-based environment, whether a desktop, laptop, or smartphone, so it is compatible with all operating systems and browsers. The software also enables you to export data in various file formats such as CSV, XML, or PDF to share information with other systems and applications easily.

Why HGI Quality Control Software is One of The Best Options in the Market

The Harrington Quality Control Software helps companies increase operational efficiency while meeting strict compliance regulations set by food safety laws, including ISO 17025:2005, GLP/GCP for laboratory testing processes, ISO 22716:2007 for transport of biological substances, and HACCP. With easy access to real-time quality control data across multiple locations through mobile devices, users can quickly take corrective action to prevent recalls which is the number one issue that food manufacturers face. The Harrington Quality Control Software has many features that allow companies to maintain customer satisfaction by preventing product recalls and minimizing the associated risk of lost revenue, damage to their brand reputation, and increase in operational costs.

Harrington Group International is constantly updating its software to keep up with industry changes, so they are always prepared for future challenges when it comes to food safety management. The majority of their workforce is dedicated solely to R&D, so they are to develop new technology faster than any of their competitors by investing 5% of their pre-tax profits back into research and development.

In the last year, Harrington Group has been working hard to develop a new software called Quality Control Software designed to help food manufacturers manage quality control across multiple sites in different countries.

The Quality Control Software tracks all quality data in one centralized system, which works in real-time with alarms and notifications that can be customized based on user preferences for complete oversight. It’s equipped with customizable dashboards, automatic report generation, and integration with other applications used within an organization, such as ERP systems like Oracle EBS or SAP.

Last but not least, using quality control software allows manufacturers to schedule inspection procedures based on their specific needs. They can use this program to determine whether or not a machine is safe to use by comparing expected and standard deviation values. By implementing quality control software into all aspects of the manufacturing process, companies can produce high-quality products consistently time after time.

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