Qualities to Look for When Hiring an eCommerce Accountant

eCommerce Accountant

At a point in your eCommerce business, you might decide to hand over the financial aspect to an accountant. This is a bold and important step, and you need to pay attention to ensure that you choose the right accountant who is not only trustworthy but can do a great job.

If you get the right accountant, you will be able to relax and reduce stress, while they help you to improve your business while saving time and money.

So, here are some qualities you need to identify in an eCommerce accountant before deciding to work with them.

Qualities of an eCommerce Accountant

1. Qualified 

The accountant you hire must have all the necessary qualifications, including extra certifications. He/she should also be a registered member of the necessary associations in your country.

The person needs to be a certified public accountant, and could also be a member of the institute of financial accountants, or any related institute, as well as a member of the association of international accountants. They also need to be certified for whatever cloud-based financial platform they use.

2. Specialization and Experience

Beyond qualifications, the accountant you hire needs to have hands-on experience at the job, especially in eCommerce as it is a world of its own. The perfect candidate is one who has run eCommerce businesses of a similar nature and size and understands how the business works. That way, they’ll not only know how to get the job done quickly, but they can also work hard to provide you with great opportunities for business growth. 

We suggest that you look for an accountant for eCommerce Shopify + amazon FBA companies because they will have the necessary expertise for your business.

You can also hire a company such as Free Cash Flow to handle your bookkeeping. They are specialists in online and eCommerce businesses such as Amazon and they work with SAAS companies, influencers, and content creators. They can help you handle your finances, minimize your taxes, and use all skills to ensure your business succeeds.

3. Services offered 

What services is the accountant offering, and do they agree with what you need? Specify what services you need upfront and ensure that they can deliver such services. Otherwise, you would need to hire someone else.

4. Seek Recommendations

Always ensure that the eCommerce accountant you hire has positive ratings and reviews from other businesses they work for, as that will assure you that they will do a good job for your business as well.

5. Software

Your accountant should have great software and technical skills and should be able to keep abreast in the constantly-evolving industry. Always make sure that your eCommerce accountant can use all necessary cloud-based accountancy software.

6. Ability to save cost

Your accountant should be able to save you cost using their skills and proactivity. You can also decide to set up a fee structure that’s flexible for you and your business, such as a retainer, hourly fees, and other packages.


Once you hire the right eCommerce accountant, you can grow your online business in leaps and bounds.

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