Qualities As Well As Requirements Of S-valve For Concrete Pump Trucks

Concrete truck Pump

The S-valve is a vital part of a concrete pump, which is located in the receptacle and also links the communicating cylinder as well as pipeline. It is a system that works with the activities of numerous elements, directly impacting the efficiency of the concrete pump and also the general layout of the concrete pump. The pipeline body of the S pipeline valve has 2 kinds: variable diameter as well as non variable size. Its particular is that it can automatically secure the pipeline opening by pushing the reducing ring under the pressure of concrete, with excellent sealing performance, making the pump have solid sharing ability, as well as the flow channel is usually difficult to obstruct.

The reason that S shutoff is widely used is that it has the adhering to advantages:

1. Floatation and sealing of reducing ring

The drifting reducing ring is not repaired axially on the S shutoff and also can move easily; Self sealing refers to the activity of high-pressure concrete on the ring surface area of the reducing ring, which tightly follows the eyeglass plate.

2. Rubber springtime instantly compensates for clearance

Due to the pre tightening force of tightening up the nut, the reducing ring is securely attached to the spectacles plate, which produces a response pressure on the cutting ring. This is the force created by the rubber springtime compression to firmly connect the reducing ring to the eyeglass plate. The rubber springtime can automatically make certain a tight fit between the glasses plate and also the cutting ring, getting rid of wear spaces. After utilizing it for a time period, it is needed to check the S tube. When the automated settlement of the springtime can not satisfy the demands, the nut can be tightened up, as well as the S tube can be pulled back tightly. The reducing ring creates a pre-tightening pressure on the rubber spring, and also the rubber spring is pushed tightly to make the spectacles plate as well as reducing ring close, as well as the space is compensated. The outcome of drifting and self tightening is that after the glasses plate and also cutting ring are put on, the cutting ring immediately makes up for the gap under the action of concrete pressure, guaranteeing a close fit with the glasses plate as well as its securing performance. In addition, the greater the concrete stress, the far better the.

After the assembly of the S valve, the complimentary clearance in between the spectacles plate as well as the reducing ring needs to be defined, otherwise it may cause early wear during cutting and substitute, as well as reduce the life span. Some individuals incorrectly think that the smaller sized the void between the glasses plate and also the reducing ring, the much better the sealing. As a matter of fact, the stress exerted by high-pressure concrete on the ring is very huge, and also there is no need to use artificial pressure. Or else, it can conveniently cause very early wear of the reducing ring and also shorten its service life.

There are normally the complying with special needs for the layout of circulation valves:

1. Excellent aggregate and discharge performance

In order for the concrete pump to have excellent collection and also discharge efficiency, as well as to smoothly go through the circulation valve, the flow channel of the distribution shutoff should be short and also smooth, with marginal changes in cross-section as well as shape; And it has solid flexibility to concrete and can pump concrete with various depression.

2. Good securing performance

The family member activity parts of the shutoff and also valve body need to have good securing to decrease slurry leak, otherwise it will certainly impact the usability and pumping efficiency of the concrete.

3. Excellent wear resistance

The working problems of the distribution valve are quite rough, as well as it constantly has strong rubbing with the concrete throughout its procedure. If the wear resistance is not good, it will certainly be quickly damaged, and the securing of the distribution shutoff will certainly be harmed, impacting the pumping performance index of the concrete pump.

4. Flexible and also reliable turning around activity

The reversing action of the circulation shutoff, particularly the recording and discharging activities, must be collaborated, timely, and also rapid. Typically, the turning around activity should be completed within 0.1-0.5 seconds (ideally 0.2 seconds) to prevent mortar heartburn.

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