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Quadair Drone South Africa: Honest Reviews From South Africa

Unfortunately, many people had no idea that the Quadair Drone existed until it became the best-selling drone in South Africa. Truly, it has attracted a lot of positive reviews in many countries.

Is it worth it? What are the features, and specifications? Keep reading, We try as much as we can to cover everything worth knowing about the Quadair  Drone sold in South Africa Today.

Overview -Quadair Drone South Africa Review

Drones used to be special gadgets designed by special people, used by special people, and sold at special prices. Indeed, everything about it is really special but that was then.

Recently, Technology has made a lot of things look simple. Before, it cost arms to produce a prototype and talk more about the real product. Guess what! The drone industry has seen a lot of improvement in the last few years. Now, there are many brands with additional features selling at amazing prices.

Quadair is a new-age drone developed by experts. Recently, it is selling mostly in South Africa. We have seen sales in other countries as well.

From our findings, Quadair Drone is a great option for anyone looking to upgrade, for newbies looking to capture amazing footage without breaking the bank. It is selling like hotcakes now and the company might run out of stock. In the end, we’ve official links from the manufacturer so that you can benefit from the ongoing discounts.

What Is Quadair Drone?

Quadair is a foldable smart drone with advanced features. It is cheap and easy to fly.

Quadair is extremely powerful, lasts longer, and comes with a high-resolution camera for capturing images and recording footage.

It is simple to use, unlike some brands that look complicated. It comes with an app that allows you to control it directly from a smartphone and it also supports live streaming.

It is foldable, portable, compact, and packed with features. It has an inbuilt sensor that allows it to return to its original take-off in case of emergency like low-battery return, and lost connection.

Quadair is designed with a quality camera and precision 2-axis gimbal and sensors such as a gravity sensor, and Obstacle avoidance sensors to achieve a 100% safe flight path.

The Quadair is designed for everyone. Thanks to its easy-to-use interface that is compatible with both Android and IOS. It is compact, foldable, and can fly through tight corners, and indoors.

Today, it is exclusively sold online at $59 with free shipping


Quadair is a drone designed with additional features.

Here are some of the features advertised by the manufacturer:

Foldable Propeller

Ultra High-Resolution Camera

Mobile App

Sensors (Gravity sensors, Obstacles avoidance sensors, and others)

Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Altitude hold

Slo-mo mode

Specifications Of Quadair Drone

4k camera

Run time: Around 25 minutes

Range: Around 85 meters

Weight: 0.3kg

Quadair Drone Setup

First of all, you start by unboxing your order. Remove every component from the package and insert the battery (make sure that it is fully charged).

Download the App (from App Store or play store). Connect to wifi and log in. Inside the app, set up flight options such as control sensitivity, camera settings, and more.

Flight Preparation

Before flying, check if the location is free, an app like a no-fly app can figure out if the place is permitted. Flying in restricted areas might attract a fine. Always choose an open place, more like a football field, free from trees, electric poles, animals, and other obstacles.

Before flying make sure all the components are working perfectly well. Keep the battery at 100% during each flight session.

Flight Control

Quadair drones can be controlled by either the app or the transmitter. Pressing the take-off button makes the drone go up, and releasing the take-off button makes the drone go down, shifting the controller left or right allows it to move sideways

Flight Modes

The Quadair drone advertised today comes with different flight modes which you can select based on your preferences.

The flight modes are:

Free flight mode

Circular flight mode

Follow flight mode

Image Capturing

The Quadair is mainly used for capturing images so it comes with one of the best cameras on the market. With the camera, you can capture images with high clarity. Once logged into the app, you can adjust the resolution, brightness, and contrast instantly. To capture images press the image-capturing button from the app or the transmitter.

For landing, you can press the landing key and it will land safely in its take-off position.

Why Is Quadair Drone Recommended

Going by most reviews, the Quadair is the most recommended drone in South Africa

Here are some of the reasons why it has attracted most of the attention:

Easy to use: It comes with an easy-to-use controller and a user-friendly app. Newbies can start shooting instantly without much practice though a little learning will go a long way.

Portable, Lightweight, and Compact: Drones are used for outdoor activities which means that they are to be moved from place to place. It weighs just a few pounds, and it is foldable with a compact minimalistic design.

Shoot like a pro: With its high-resolution camera, users get super shape images with just a click of a button.

Long duration of use: The battery lasts up to 25 minutes, which is enough to capture most of your adventure. This battery can be fast-charged without degrading and it can survive many charging and discharge cycles.

It is cheaper: Selling at just $59 nothing is cheaper. It is the cheapest drone ever. Everyone likes what saves them money and Quadair is the best option.

Panorama: With a wide flight path range and wide lens, you can get 360-degree panoramic shots.

6 Axis Self-Stabilization: With automatic self-stabilization technology, it records smooth and crisp video footage and reduces blurry images on every flight.

Prices In South Africa

The Quadair drone is one of the cheapest drones around now.

Currently, it is selling at the following prices (on the official website only)

One Quadair Drone cost $99

Two Quadair Drones cost $138

Four Quadair Drones cost $238

Package Contents

Quadair Drone

Charging cable

User Manual


Extra battery and propeller

Why Selling So Cheap?

Well, there are others but the main reason is that the manufacturer wants everyone to acquire this drone without saving for it. Secondly, they allow the product to speak for them so they don’t spend money on advertising plus a 50% unending discount. Indeed the price is scary but that’s what it is.

Where To Buy Quadair Drone In South Africa

On the official website. Click the link below. Many have been sold out already.

Order Quadair Drone today

Testimonies From South Africa

All the reviews were positive, this is a special drone for everyone.

See what people have said about it:

“Sure, this is by far my favorite drone. I have a couple of others, but this one delivers every single time. My favorite feature is automatic image stabilization. It’s great for beginners and experienced pilots too. Highly recommend it.”  Said, John

“I always do a lot of traveling and take lots of photos but started to get tired of my old selfie stick. Everything I saw was so big and expensive but then a friend sent me a link for this one and I got hooked. Now it goes with me everywhere and my profile looks better than ever with all the videos and pictures I take with it” said Peter

I got it for my birthday, and I am enjoying my Quadair Lots of features, and is good quality for its price. The camera is great. I think I’m going to have a lot of fun with it. Melanie

Conclusion – Quadair Drone South Africa

Quadair Is indeed a top-rated drone. Many users are satisfied with it. It is a best-seller, the most popular, and one of the cheapest. It’s worth it, isn’t it?


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