QuadAir Drone Review: is quad air drone legit? (Updated 2022)

Quad Air Drone Reviews

The field of cinematography has excelled on a large scale, people now are pursuing it as their full-fledged careers and this is exactly why the technology of drone cameras has entered the world. A Drone camera is a UAV that allows the handler to capture pictures and record videos from a certain height via remote control. This device is manufactured by many and one of the most preferred ones in the market is the QuadAir Drone. To know more about this new modified addition read the following detailed overview. Visit Official Quad Air Drone Website Here

What is QuadAir Drone?

The QuadAir Drone is a drone camera, as its name implies but with plenty of new features that would leave the traditional camera users stunned. This drone is a hybrid technology for people wanting to use it for multiple purposes. The drone allows itself to be used by a professional as well as an amateur since the manufacturers have designed its software to be easy to use. The best part about this top-notch quality drone camera is it is available at a very reasonable cost. Along with its price, all of the alluring features of the QuadAir drone camera are listed below. Get Upto 70% Discount on QuadAir Drone


The QuadAir Drone has 60-70 minutes of charging time while it covers a distance of 80-100m. The drone has a remote control battery that is 1 x 3.7v 500mah LIPO. Other features are listed below.

The Ultra Foldable Body:

The QuadAir Drone is famous among old and new cameras primarily for its foldable body which is a God-sent favor to many. Initially, if the older designs of drone cameras are considered, they all seem to be heavy, fragile, and in need of so much care while also being difficult to carry; nevertheless this new technology is everything a travel freak wants to spend on. This device comes with a foldable body allowing it to be concise and unsubstantial in terms of keeping it. This drone is not only for a traveler but for anyone who is in search of a good drone camera that occupies less space.

Lightweight Portable Device:

One more reason to spend here is the fact that the QuadAir drone camera is a lightweight flexible device. This might sound like an insignificant quality but the people who are fond of drone cameras would be aware of how much of a help it is when the drone is light in weight. Not only it becomes easy to carry, but it also helps the user to take it to places where others would not prefer carrying a drone camera too only because of its heavyweight.

Sensor For Gravity And Height:

Unlike the mainstream drone cameras, the QuadAir Drone camera offers the cinematographer the facility of a gravity sensor. This sensor is for the camera to detect the possible clash sites and objects and immediately alter its flight or landing. This feature is purely for apprentices who are in the phase of learning how to control a drone camera but obviously, it lends some aid to the gurus of drone flying too.

Considerably Long Flight Time:

This camera has a flight time of 30 minutes which is quite a long time for photo and video recording reckoning the fact that this camera article is lightweight together with a gravity sensor, the user gets to have a carefree experience of drone shooting since its flight time permits one to freely enjoy the video recording for half an hour without having the fear of its recording time running out.


The biggest and the only aspect of purchasing anything is the expenditure. A drone camera as good as the QuadAir can be presumed to be pretty expensive since of the high-end technology and efficient functionality it gives while considering the dynamite features and accessories it has, one can easily be convinced of its high cost. The makers of this drone camera have an interesting deal for the buyers. A simple order can be placed on the official website while if you place the order today, a 56% discount can be availed too.

The manufacturers let the consumers choose from three different offers.

Aviator Pack Offer:

The first one is the Aviator Pack, in this offer the buyer is given the opportunity to purchase three drones altogether at a time at the discounted price of $197 whereas the original cost of three QuadAir drone cameras if bought separately, would be $65.67 each and $447 collectively but because of the Aviator Pack offer one can now have three QuadAir drone cameras in $197/= which is 56% discount.

Beginners Pack Offer:

The second offer happens to be a Beginners Pack as the name says, this offer lets the consumer buy one QuadAir Drone at the discounted price which is $99.00/= while the original cost of one drone is $149, this pack saves the investor a sum of $50.

Pro Pilot Pack Offer:

The last offer is the Pro Pilot Pack offer which is for people who want to get the camera for a bunch of users. This offer proposes five QuadAir drone cameras for just $59.40 only. This offer lets the buyer save $448 as according to the original price the cost of five drone cameras would be $745 but this deal applies 60% to all five cameras.


The QuadAir Drone cameras are one of the dream products for professional photographers so it isn’t difficult to convince them into buying one, however, for the amateurs or the users who have just begun to use a drone camera, this product is a good deal for them as well. Since it is not a conventional drone device but a foldable, easy to carry, light in weight, and economical device. The QuadAir Drone is a worthy expense that would last long and work wonders because of its HD photos and video recording feature along with all the others it functions well, works for professionals, and costs pocket-friendly which is everything one looks for when making a purchase. Visit Official QuadAir Drone Website Here

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