Quadair Drone Canada (legit or not?): Read Before Buying

From most verified reviews Quadair is one of the best-selling drones in Canada today. Currently, it is selling at around $70 and the manufacturer promised more discount when buying from their official website.

Is it worth the hype? Is the Quadair the best drone in Canada? Keep reading, we have everything you should know about this handy gadget sold today. Truly, it is hard to see a quality drone selling at such a reduced price. The Quadair is exceptional. Don’t worry, real customers were extremely happy. Its satisfaction is guaranteed!


In the past, many people have struggled to capture clear footage without spending thousands on top-quality brands, most especially, when it has to be taken from the sky, at tight angles, above obstacles, at night, and during bad weather conditions.

Before now, we relied heavily on a helicopter and camera crew and we ended up spending huge money without even getting the desired result. At that time, the image quality is nothing to write home about.

Today, we’ve seen a lot of improvements. Drones are becoming so common that almost anyone has at least one brand. Which one is the best?

The Quadair is our top pick today. It has hit the market by storms, indeed, the idea is great.

Sure the Quadair might not be the best around but at this price, it is worth it. It is the cheapest drone worth recommending, it has a quality camera, nice looking body, a long-lasting battery, and it is packed with advanced features. Yes, a lot has been said about it. Keep reading and see what we discovered. Even though it is cheap, don’t buy it if you aren’t completely satisfied because there are so many drones selling in Canada, though some are costly.

Quadair Drone Explained 

Quadair is a foldable HD drone sold in Canada at $59 per unit.

Like other unmanned aircraft, the Quadair is designed with lightweight materials (mostly plastics). It is durable, compact, lightweight, and extremely portable. 

Quadair records Video in 4k at 120 frames per second and snaps photos up to 12 megapixels. It is built with an ergonomic design, very portable, sleek, and compact.

It has advanced features and sensors and can be used in aerial monitoring, surveillance purposes, video capturing, video editing, shooting, and other similar functions.

It is packed with features seen in top-rated brands. It captures in high definition and can record videos for up to 30 minutes without shutting down. It can also fly indoors.

From real users, it captures images from unimaginable angles, high altitudes, and challenging weather conditions. It also comes with sensors rarely seen in low-cost drones.

Quadair is easy to use: even newbies can start recording videos for the very first time, no expert is needed as the user manual is very simple and straightforward though it might take a small time to Master the transmitter if you are a total beginner.

Quadair caught our attention after using it for a few days. It does what the manufacturer said, the battery is strong and lightweight, and it can survive many charging and discharging cycles too. 

Quadair Drone Canada is still available in stock and the manufacturer promised to offer more discounts to all our readers today.

Major Highlights

4K Camera

Altitude Holding

Video Recording

Trajectory Flight

Longer Battery Life

App Control Via WiFi

Real-Time transmission

Brushless Motor

GPS module

Lost connection and return

Low battery return

Follow me mode

Slo-mo mode

Panoramic mode

Long range

Super fast

Compact, Portable, and Lightweight 

Features Of Quadair Drone 

Quadair is packed with amazing features seen in custom-made drones.

From the manufacturer, here are the features:

Foldable Propeller

LED night lights

HD Camera

GPS Module

Rechargeable LiPo Battery

Gravity sensor

Obstacle avoidance sensors in all directions

Quadair Drone Specifications

4k camera

500mAh LiPo battery


App Control

Range: 150m

Gyro: 6-axis

Frequency: 2.4GHz

Fpv: approximately 30m

The angle of view: 360 degrees

Net weight: 0.34kg

Flight time: 25 minutes

Why Is Quadair Drone Recommended In Canada Today?

Easy To Control: Quadair comes with a user-friendly controller and a well-structured instruction Manual. With this, novices can take amazing footage from the very first time. 

Affordable: Selling under $60, no drone is cheaper than this. We’ve seen similar brands selling for $100 plus but here, the manufacturer wants to make sure that everyone can afford this drone.

Outstanding Design: The best drone on our list, the Quadair is the drone to beat. It was designed by experts who have been in the drone industry for years. 

Long-lasting Battery: The greatest challenge faced by drone makers. Quadair has come with one battery technology that can stand the test of time. From real users, it can last up to 25 minutes on a single charge. Some even said that it lasted more than 30 minutes. It depends on some factors, without recording video or capturing images, it can last even longer. 

Long-Range: Going more than 100m, the Quadair is one of the best drones in terms of range. Though it might not compete with some top-level drones in terms of range. We are talking about drones sold for under $60. 

Super fast: Most people called it the fastest drone. It might be true but we aren’t sure. It has amazing speed, it is the fastest at this budget and not the fastest drone ever. There are some drones with incredible speed though they are very expensive.

Advantages Of Quadair Drone

App control

Trajectory flight

Good return policy

Available at discounted prices

Comes with a user manual

Free Shipping

Comes with sensors, notably, gravity sensors

Video editing: With Quadair drones even Low-quality images can look like pros. It helps inexperienced users to shoot like seasoned professionals. Great advantage!!


Sale mostly online

No free shipping on all orders

It can be crashed if jammed obstacles 

How To Fly The Quadair Drone

Set it up

Power it on and allow it to boot

Press the take-off button

You can use the function keys to control it. All the keys and their functions are explained in the included user manual shipped with your order.

Newbies are advised to master the transmitter before flying. It is better to choose an open field for training so that you won’t run any chances of crashing your drone the very first time.


Don’t fly in a restricted area

Download the fly app to check restricted areas

Always fly on an open field to avoid crashing it

Ensure that the battery is fully charged before any flight session

Prices Of Quadair Drone In Canada

As of today, here is what it is selling in Canada:

One unit costs $99

Two units cost $138

Four units cost $238 ($59 per unit).

Where To Buy The Quadair Drone In Canada

Today Quadair drones are exclusively sold online in Canada and other countries. Interested readers can purchase it from the link shown below.

Package Content

Your order will arrive with the following items:

Quadair Drone

Charging cable


User Manual

Who Needs The Quadair Drone In Canada?

Quadair drones are for everyone unlike before when drones were produced for some special functions. It can be used in many applications such as surveillance, film capturing, traffic monitoring, bird watching, aerial shootings, and other similar functions. It is a must-have for social media influencers because of its quality camera, for bikers, hunters, and those who want to have a bird’s eye from the sky. It is perfect for shooting from the sky, from tight angles, and above physical barriers.

Quadair drone is not for product delivery, intelligent Agricultural research, scientific research, security functions, or military purposes. 

Due to its design, it can be used both indoors and outdoors though it is mainly used outdoors. It captures images even in low-light conditions too. It is made from durable materials so it can be used in harsh weather conditions.

Quad Air Drone Return Policy 

Quadair announced that all purchases from the official website are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. With this, all customers from Canada can return it to the return facility address provided by our customer care services and get all their initial orders. No questions asked (full refund within a few working days).

What Customers Are Saying

All reviews are positive unlike before. 

Here are some of the reviews from real users:

This is not a toy! I thought I was fooled by marketers. The image quality is stunning, and the packaging for me is the best I have seen. I love the Quadair Drone. According to John from Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

This is super fast, the fastest drone I have seen. I love it, this is pure artwork from Quadair. I’m recommending it. Another user from Canada.

In general, all users are satisfied, it is selling like hotcakes. There are no negative reviews as of now.


Quadair is sold today in Canada, Australia, the United States, and other countries. It is our best choice. We love it. It is compact, and portable, weighs just a few pounds, and is built with quality cameras, Plastics, Reliable electronics, and a strong battery. It also comes with sensors that will enhance your Quadair drone experience. 

Order Today from the official website. It is selling at 70% discounts


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