Qtum and Algorand, Cryptocurrencies To Watch for – Should You Buy HUH Tokens?


Qtum and Algorand have both secured trading volumes of over $500 million in the past 24 hours, at the time of writing. When compared to the meme coins of recent times, these cryptocurrencies aim to provide value to wider society.

In addition to them, HUH Token has also stated that it aims to create generational wealth for those who invest. The real-world application of Qtum, Algorand and HUH Token separate them from random popularity spikes that often result in a wild, unsustainable increase inprice. Qtum, Algorand and HUH Token instead rely on their value to investors who believe in their projects, this is what ultimately determines their market value.

Qtum was originally created for businesses, it provides a quick and secure blockchain that companies can use for financial transactions. The main attraction to Qtum is its combination of Bitcoin’s UTXO security protocols and the use of Ethereum’s Virtual Machine.

Qtum has utilised the best of both top cryptocurrencies, along with the ability to incorporate smart contacts. These smart contracts are appealing for businesses as they are quick, legally binding and can be seen by everyone on the blockchain.

Qtum has had a positive start to the month, just before November began,Qtum’s price was valued at $13.99. Since then, the cryptocurrency has hit a high of $18.64 and has become somewhat consistent after that peak. Now holding a market price of $17.18, Qtum has had a market price increase of just over 20%, an impressive return for investors.

Algorand launched in 2019 and uses ALGO as its native currency within the Algorand blockchain. It is used for various fees that are involved when using a blockchain such as transactional fees. Algorand is a project that is trying to expand and develop more use cases in the real world.

They achieve this by both having low transaction fees and reducing the time it takes for transactions to be valid on the blockchain. A notable factor for Algorand is that it allows users to stake their own cryptocurrency, of course, this in of itself isn’t unique. Algorand however, allows anyone with ALGO to stake their coins and not just those with vast amounts.

In the past few weeks,Algorand has had anerratic market value. Just before October came to a close, its market price was $2.0708. Then as November began the price plummeted to $1.7956. Nevertheless, this was short-lived as it has since bounced back to a healthy market price of $1.95.This near 8% increase could be temporary, based on the back and forth that Algorand’s market value has been experiencing.

HUH Token is releasing on the 6th of December and has branded itself as a ‘utimeme’ token. This is a combination of the words utility and meme, promising to provide real-world value to the public upon investment. This BEP-20 BSC token has the goal of becoming one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies in trade volume. HUH Token is certainly ambitious which is a factor to consider when investing, ambition can indicate that creators will continue to develop the currency for as long as possible.

Also, HUH Token promotes features such as a dual currency distribution system, a large community dubbed HUH Nation and static rewards for simply holding the cryptocurrency.

HUH Token is in pre-sale and therefore its market value cannot be examined, however, one of its key features can be. The dual currency distribution system is a function that is unique in the crypto world. The secondary currency is BNB (Binance) an already established and widely used cryptocurrency.

Once an investor refers someone, if that person invests, then the person who referred them will receive 10% of that initial investment as BNB. HUH Token has not implemented a limit on the number of people you can refer, making it an opportunity that many will want to utilise.

Qtum, Algorand and HUH Token have demonstrated real-world value in the features that they offer, making them all excellent choices for investment. Qtum and Algorand have been on the market for a while now and have seen varying levels of success. HUH Token is yet to release but could be the next big opportunity for those looking for a possibly lucrative investment. With a dual distribution of currencies and static rewards, investors have the tools available to succeed with this currency.

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