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QQS Launches Presale with resounding success

In May 2022, the QQS Metaverse project launched its token pre-sale that would run for 60 days. At time of writing, the pre-sale has been ongoing for close to a month and the tokens have been selling out within minutes daily, giving investors a heads up that QQS is set to be the next biggest metaverse project in the market. Reaching a halfway mark, activity and excitement is ramping up especially among those the enthusiasts who haven’t managed to snag their QQT tokens.

QQS is a community driven metaverse project revolving around Web3 products and solutions, teasing an all-new VR experience for their users in an immersive, engaging ecosystem. Their Metaverse initiative QQ World will allow users to do everything that they can do in the real world (think: shop, entertain, be entertained, and much more) and monetize all of that. On top of the metaverse and token earnings, QQS will also offer their own debit card with a spend-to-earn offering which allows users to earn significant rebates from shopping on the Visa or Unionpay card.

With all that, there’s no wonder that the presale tokens have been flying off the shelves day after day.

For those wondering what the hype is about, the team has recently released a breakdown on their social media pages of the perks of purchasing during the presale, and it can be summarized as follows:

  1. Token supply is limited, and it only comprises of 0.6% of the total supply
  2. Only approved whitelisted addresses can purchase the tokens
  3. You can only be in the whitelist if you are invited by a whitelisted address
  4. Only a total of 60m tokens are sold at 1m daily over the period of 60 days
  5. A single purchase is 10,000 QQT per transaction and each whitelisted address is only limited to 100,000 QQT
  6. The price of the token during presale increases daily over the 60 days, so the later you purchase it, the more you will have to pay for it.

The presale begins every day at GMT/UTC 4am every day till 13th July 2022, so grab your discounted presale QQT tokens while you can for early access!

Find out more and snag your QQT at now.

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