QoWatt becomes the world’s first global operator of electric vehicle charging stations to natively integrate cryptocurrency payments.

In the thriving landscape of electromobility, and more specifically, the ecosystem of zero-emission or low-emission vehicle charging, Qowatt, the first French startup powered by green energy and reinforced by blockchain technology, stands out with a major technological advancement: the native integration of cryptocurrency payments directly from its public charging stations.

Already establishing itself as a leader in the field of Web3-connected electric vehicle charging solutions, the environmentally responsible company takes a significant step forward in its research and development strategy with this new decentralized payment method. It positions itself as the world’s very first public operator to offer such a digital currency payment option.

Users of QoWatt charging stations can now make payments in several cryptocurrencies, including BTC, EGLD, UTK, USDT, and DASH, providing an unprecedented level of flexibility.

This achievement is the result of 6 months of intensive research and development, conducted in close collaboration with several key players in the technology industry. These include, a French manufacturer who are specialized in the production and operation of public charging station networks, MultiversX, the first European carbon-negative Layer-1 blockchain, highly scalable, secure, decentralized, and recently associated with Google Cloud in the Web3 universe for AI and Big Data, and finally xMoney, a leading payment solution that modernizes finance and payments, offering both fiat and cryptocurrency options worldwide.

After a $10 million fundraising effort in 2022 through a token issuance of QWT, QoWatt is embarking on a new chapter in the era of electromobility and digital transactions with this technological innovation. This development highlights a significant convergence between the world of technology and the real world, where charging infrastructure stakeholders are on the verge of a revolution, better understanding the needs of motorists and enhancing service quality.

“By integrating cryptocurrency payments directly into our charging stations, we provide our users with unprecedented flexibility while paving the way for an innovative future for electric vehicles. We are convinced that the combination of green mobility and blockchain-related finance represents the future,” states Hugo MANTEAU, CEO and Founder of QoWatt.

Awarded the “Best Blockchain Project Applicable to the Real World” at the xDay  Conference in Bucharest on October 21, QoWatt confirms its leadership position for the second consecutive year, advancing in its R&D strategy to support electric mobility, now the third most registered energy source ahead of diesel.


Founded in 2021 by Hugo MANTEAU, QoWatt is the first French green startup utilizing green energy supported by MultiversX blockchain technology.

QoWatt provides an investment solution and immediate profitability in the interest of co-ownerships and facilitates the process of having its collective charging solution validated with co-owners.

As a public operator of fast and ultra-fast charging stations for electric vehicles, QoWatt installs its innovative and eco-friendly infrastructure for free, providing 100% green energy distribution to date. These charging stations are strategically located at the heart of commercial parks, hotels, and business partner locations. In terms of expansion, QoWatt is currently working on deploying charging infrastructure in about ten new French cities and has plans for international expansion in 2024 through a brand licensing model.

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