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Qatch – The Pocket Stylist That Keeps you Fashionable and Trendy

Have you always dreamed of being fashionable at all times? Always wearing the latest brand names and being aware of the latest trends in the industry? If so, you are going to love the article and fashion guide we have written up for you today!

Through the use of an exciting new website and application, Qatch is helping everyone become more fashionable and trendy, while also having their own personal stylist just a click away. This Boston-based startup focuses on helping teens, adults and individuals of all ages who either are not fashionistas or in-the-know about the latest fashion trends, be trendy at all times.

The founders claim that the Qatch is a revolutionary app that helps people make rational choices in terms of what’s suitable for them, while also making sure they look great at all times. Like other interactive applications, it heavily relies on your data and experience to display what you might like.

If this sounds appealing and like a dream come true, it should, because the site and application isn’t just focused on fashion — it’s also focused on you!

Before you go on to enjoy the many features of the Qatch, be sure to read through this detailed review article to ensure that this application is everything you are looking for, while also preparing you for the many different areas and benefits it offers.

This style and fashion app will not only save a lot of time for you, but you can also make you quite the fashion expert and trendsetter amongst your friends and working environment.

Get ready to start turning heads, with the power of Qatch by your side.

How Qatch Helps You Stay Fashionable and Trendy

First things first, Qatch is a personalized style application that can help you stay in the know about all of the latest fashion trends going on in the world today.

In addition to the many components and features of the site and app, one of the most used is the Trending section, which consists of every fabulous dresses, style and fashion that is being bought and clicked on by other users.

And it’s always good to know what other people are buying and engaging with before making an active purchase of your own. However, no one would dare to ask a person about their buying choices — not because they can’t, but simple because it can make others feel insecure.

In contrast, this application keeps the buyers anonymous, and you would still know what’s hot in the market… and even better, Qatch can also act as your own personal stylist in your pocket as well!

The Sassiest Features of Qatch Pocket Stylist

As an active user of Qatch, I’ve found numerous outstanding features, including the style quiz – which we will cover later in the article 😉 but the most helpful for me was the personalized fashion and style recommendations that it provides.

See, previously when I go shopping, I had this tedious dilemma of choosing between two products that I like the most. I would often get confused on which would fit my look and style best, and it would lead me to ask a third person on what suits me. Even though I knew that the other person can’t make choices for me, I still like to know what other people think of my own style and what their own personal preferences are.

Shopping in a retail location can be quite intimidating and we all know how bad it can be to let someone else buy for you, especially clothes.

However, with my experience of using the Qatch application and preferences, it has continually provided clothes that suit my personality, style and desired look. And, I have yet to find a moment where it has gone completely wrong and sent me off in the right direction. This has been great, as I adored every piece of clothing and fashion I’ve experienced through the app.

This is just one of the many features and benefits associated with the AI-powered app. Are you wondering what else the Qatch has in the basket for you? Keep reading on as we continue to dive into what Qatch is all about.

Excellent Features that Make Qatch a Must Use Fashion Tool                                         

Having read on this far, I know you’ve been waiting to know more about what this new application offers, and here we go. The wait is over, and it’s time for you to discover the features, or should I say ‘innovative features’, which this application currently offers and continues to improve upon.

Take a Simple Style Quiz to Improve Your Recommendations

When it takes days for a person to know what you like or dislike, Qatch has the ability to do this within minutes. There is a short and fun style quiz that pops-up right after you register yourself, and it takes hardly 2-3 minutes to complete it. Afterwards, you’ll be loaded up with a uniquer selection of clothing and fashion trends that best suit you.

I’ve found this quite impressive, and to understand how it works, I’ve done my homework.

Basically, the style quiz is a fun and engaging way for the application to interacts with you, while also learning more about you. When getting started, it would be best if you took some time to pick your personal choices in that quiz because the Qatch will match your preferences with the collection it has and display what you like.

Choose watch styles and trends you like best, and then you’ll end up seeing the clothes that best match your preference – try it out, I’ve tested it myself.

My Qatch – A Digital Wardrobe

Do you feel hectic when you have search for something online and then can never find it again? Of course you have, and it happens to all of us.

The good news is, Qatch provides you the solution for this problem in the form of My Qatch. You will certainly see it on your application, as it’s function is to store information and recommendations when you like something while exploring — thus making it easier for you to find these selections and recommendations later on.

The benefit of this feature is that you don’t have to search again and again when you finally decide to buy it. But if you’ve stored dozens of clothes and the one you want to buy gets lost, there’s nothing to worry about because you can categorize them as per the brand names or price.

It Has A Collection Of Influencer’s Wardrobe

Social media, celebrities and influencers all play a huge role in the way fashion trends take place in the world today. What your favorite celebrities and influencers wear is not a secret anymore, and you can also get your hands on it if you desire.

That’s exactly what this feature within Qatch brings to you. It has a section called  “Collection”, that allows you to find dozens of influencers and stars of digital media along with their ever-chaning wardrobe. Explore the section a bit, and you find your inspiration’s attire in no time.

 How Qatch Personalizes Your Styles with Useful Data

Qatch is an interactive application, and it learns from the data and selections you make while using the app. The more you use the app, the better the recommendations and personalization will be.

With so many different ways to track and monitor personal information these days, I personally feel that the data is safe because it gives you authority to decide whether they collect and use data from you or not. If you don’t want them to know what you like, the application won’t do it on itself.

Usually, there are two ways such information is gathered:

  1. Through the use of your Instagram feed and social activity.
  2. When you play tap-tap with the application – They ask you to rate the product they display in the message in terms of the emoji.

In either of these cases, the app is using this information to simply provide you with a better user experience.

It’s also important to note that the application is not entirely free. But it doesn’t mean that someone with no money can’t enjoy beautiful clothes because 90% of its features are available for free to everyone.

However, there are also subscription fees for people who still want help choosing the best styles and fashions for themselves, while taking full advantage of everything the app has to offer. Nonetheless, the subscription fees, in general, are not that a big deal for the bunch of the features you get.

Final Thoughts on Qatch

Qatch is an interactive application that helps to avoid the most common shopping dilemmas that many of us are used to — while also providing users with the latest fashion and style trends to keep them in the know.

Having tested and used the app several times, I feel that it’s a useful application for fashionistas of all types. Not only does it help users stay updated on all of the latest trends, it’s also a fun and unique way to discover what else might be trending amongst top celebrities and social media influencers.

At the end of the day, it’s also beneficial for people who feel less confident about their choices and are looking to improve their style without needing to directly ask other individuals around them.

Try Qatch, and feel like you have a personalized stylist in your pocket at all times.

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