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Qatar 2022 Ecosystem – Yield Farming

Qatar 2022 Ecosystem is a growing DEFI ecosystem that rewards $QAT holders with passive income.

It is designed to facilitate farming, mining and creation of stable coins and other reliable crypto assets and instruments. Qatar 2022 Ecosystem provides wide solutions on stable passive earnings for both users and businesses.

The $QAT utility token supports Qatar 2022 Ecosystem, and also simplifies and improves operations on the platform. $QAT is also used for remuneration payment for users.

Also, the team was KYC verified. This suggests that the team is absolutely opened and is not afraid to take responsibility for their project to potential investors.

Also, there was conducted a smart contract audit in the following companies: TechRate, SolidityFinance. All audit companies gave the highest rating to the security of the smart contract, as well as the absence of technical flaws in the ecosystem. This is an important aspect that investors should pay attention to, especially at the present time.

Yield Farming

Qatar 2022 Ecosystem on its platform offers users many opportunities for farming. The participants of Pre-Launch can provide liquidity to existing pools and thus get a remuneration in the form of LP tokens, and also can fix their LP tokens and additionally $QAT tokens.

When adding liquidity to the pool, the users get LP tokens. When someone makes a token exchange on the Qatar 2022 Ecosystem platform, it is charged a transaction fee in the sum of  PERCENT%. This fee is distributed among the liquidity providers in the form of remuneration. The liquidity pool will also allow users to stake their LP tokens to earn $QAT tokens in the «Farming» section. Therefore, in addition to earning income from token exchange transactions, the user will be able to stake LP tokens and earn $QAT tokens.

Also, in addition to this, it is built a «Farming fee» special mechanism into the smart contract of the $QAT token. It uses a fee in the sum of 2% of all $QAT token trades, spread across all liquidity providers. Thus, Qatar 2022 Ecosystem can offer users high APR values on each liquidity pool.

Pre-Launch $QAT

 Qatar 2022 Ecosystem starts Pre-Launch on its platform. Total supply of tokens allocated at the Pre-Launch will be 2,600,000. The $QAT token price, for Pre-Launch participants, will be $0.35, the token price at the listing moment will be $0.6. By participating in the Pre-Launch, you can purchase not only $QAT tokens, but also buy the place in mining pools on luxury terms You can also become the owner of full and lite nodes. This allows you to get higher passive income!

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