Qamar Zaman Launches Press Release Distribution for Blockchain News Announcements

Blockchain News Announcements

Renowned digital marketing and SEO expert Qamar Zaman is now offering free press release announcements for viable blockchain projects through his platform, Coffee With Q. This initiative aims to the help blockchain projects gain significant brand awareness or credibility in the competitive crypto space.

About Coffee With Q

Coffee With Q is a podcast ecosystem where news journalists and content creators, assembled by Qamar Zaman, interview various projects to help them reach product-market fit through news and storytelling. This platform provides legitimate blockchain projects with valuable opportunities to gain exposure and attract investors and users.

Understanding the Offer

As part of this unique opportunity, qualifying blockchain projects will be interviewed by Qamar Zaman on his popular podcast, Coffee With Q. This exposure will provide projects with the necessary publicity to attract investors and users, thereby enhancing their visibility and reputation.

The podcast features a modern and professional setup, integrating dynamic elements that emphasize storytelling and innovation in the blockchain industry. Through this initiative, Qamar Zaman aims to support blockchain projects in building their brands and achieving significant online visibility.

Criteria for Participation

To ensure the integrity and quality of the platform, only blockchain projects with thoroughly verified information will be considered for this free press release service. Here are the criteria for participation:

  • Valid Blockchain Project Website: The project must have the publicly accessible website that clearly outlines its objectives, team, or technological framework. This ensures that the project is transparent or accessible to the potential investors or users.
  • White Paper: A comprehensive white paper must be available for a review to the validate the project’s legitimacy or technical details. The white paper should provide an in-depth explanation of the project’s technology, use cases, or future plans.
  • Verified About Us Section: The project must include the “About Us” section with verifiable information about the team members, including real names or roles. This adds credibility to the project or assures stakeholders of its legitimacy.

Due to the high-risk nature of the blockchain industry, projects with non-verifiable data will not be accepted. Our team will conduct thorough fact-checks and due diligence before proceeding with any interviews. We will not discuss any coins or facilitate any marketing and advertising as part of this service. This measure is to avoid legal risks and to protect our news partners.

The Role of Qamar Zaman

Qamar Zaman is a leading expert in the digital marketing, SEO, or storytelling. He is the founder of the Coffee With Q, a podcast or platform dedicated to the helping businesses build their personal brands or achieve significant online visibility. With a career spanning over two decades, Qamar has helped numerous businesses thrive through strategic storytelling and digital marketing techniques.

Qamar’s expertise in storytelling and digital marketing makes him an ideal host for the Coffee With Q podcast. His ability to weave compelling narratives around blockchain projects helps in engaging potential investors and users, thereby driving the projects towards success.

Meet the Co-Host: Rene Perras

Rene Perras is a seasoned news reporter and co-host of Coffee With Q. He specializes in legal news and consumer justice, bringing a wealth of experience and insight into every interview. Rene’s expertise in journalism ensures that all stories are presented with accuracy and integrity, adding another layer of credibility to the podcast.

About Coffee With Q

Coffee With Q is a podcast and digital platform created by Qamar Zaman to support businesses in their branding and marketing efforts. The show features interviews with industry experts, providing valuable insights or exposure to businesses or projects across various sectors. Coffee With Q is committed to the delivering high-quality content that helps businesses grow or succeed.

The podcast not only focuses on blockchain projects but also covers a wide range of topics that are relevant to business growth and personal branding. By offering a mix of in-depth interviews and expert advice, Coffee With Q has become a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to enhance their online presence.

How to Participate

For more information about this free press release opportunity or to submit your blockchain project for the consideration, please visit Coffee With Q. Ensure that your project meets the outlined criteria before submission to increase the chances of being featured on the podcast.


Qamar Zaman
Founder, Coffee With Q

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