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PZM Cash: The Future of Digital Currency

Digital Currency

Different circumstances around the world have contributed to the increased popularity of cryptocurrency, and within a decade of its introduction, the crypto world has witnessed the rise of different types of digital assets created for different purposes. However, many of the cryptocurrencies out there have flaws that make it difficult for them to function effectively as alternate payment modes, in place of fiat currencies.

The PZM Cash Solution

Technically, some flaws exhibited by some cryptocurrencies are based on the algorithms used, and that is one of the reasons why PZM Cash was created with an improved PoS concept. It may interest you to know that PZM Cash is a digital currency created to facilitate fast, effective, and efficient payments in our dynamic digital community. Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, PZM Cash functions differently. According to the official website, the community’s growth is tied to the economic contributions of individual participants. Furthermore, the success of the cryptocurrency is dependent on the unprecedented increase in growth of its usage in balancing the forces of demand and supply, as well as its scalability feature.


PMZ Cash has an underlying algorithm that is unique and an upgrade from the Proof of Stake (PoS) concept. Its functionality involves the network running on the monetary supply within the community. When the first block was generated, the PMZ Cash team ensured that there would be no full emission, rather, only 1% of the total number of available coins will get distributed during the pre-mining period. Interestingly, the loyal holders of PZM Cash will get the remaining coins, as incentives for their support to the network.

It may interest you to know that this decentralized and innovative technology is fast, it has the ability to generate a new block within 60 seconds, and thus cross-border transactions can happen almost instantly. It uses the Web3.js technology that allows users to use the wallet on different platforms where crypto is accepted as a mode of payment. Smart contracts can be implemented, and the open-source code of the platform is available on GitHub.

Marketing Strategy

PZM Cash’s Whitepaper indicates that pre-sale of PZMC began on 6th April 2020, and will be on till 1st May 2020. The total supply of coins is limited to 9,000,000,000 PZMC, with 90,000,000 PZMC available from pre-mining, from which 63,000,000 PZMC are allocated for public sales, 18,000,000 PZMC set aside for marketing campaigns within the next three years, and 9,000,000 PZMC set aside for the PZM Cash team (locked up for one year).

The second quarter of 2020 will witness the launch of the network and online wallet. The Android and iOS wallets will get launched in the third quarter, and the coin will also begin its entry into the Asian markets, as well as launch the Web3js, and create a collection of several exchange points.

PZM Cash has a lot of good in store for users, as the coin will also enter the Latin market by the fourth quarter of 2020, as well as make it possible for users to create smart contracts. 2021 will see PZM Cash issuing debit cards, creating ATM networks in different parts of the world, as well as organizing conferences and setting up technology hubs.

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