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Python for Artificial Intelligence: Explained

Artificial intelligence is a becoming increasingly similar in the modern world where everything is driven by data and automation. We spend a significant part of our day to day life interacting with smart devices. It can be in the form of Biometric, searching for a resource on the internet, or converting spoken words to text. AI is a heart of all this and it’s becoming an integral part of our advancely changing lifestyle.

You may be obsessed in knowing what’s happening in the sphere of AI, like development stages, achievements, products to use and results. I am going to give a detailed overview, on why people choose python as the best programming language for AI.

Some of the programming languages for Artificial Intelligence:

  • Python: Python is incredibly efficient language, your programs will do more with a fewer lines of code that many other languages would require. The code will be easy to debug, read and easy to extend, also build upon compared to other languages.
  • Java: Java is a globally used general – purpose programming language that allows programmers to create mobile or desktop applications. It is intended to let programmers with “write once ,run anywhere” meaning that code is implemented once and but can run on any combination of hardware and operating systems without the need of recompilation.
  • Prolog: this language was inspired by logic programming research, logic programming allows the computer to make decisions of its own according the terms supplied and programmed by the code writer. The use of mathematical logic or formal logic makes this possible.
  • C/C++: C programming is one of the simple and widely used computer programming languages. The C Programming language is mostly used by software developers or programmers and particularly those using the operating system, UNIX, C compiler, and Virtually every application program of UNIX. Suffice it to say, the C programming language is today the most used professional language in the world of computers. C++ is a compiled language. For a program to run, its source text has to be processed by a compiler, producing object files, which are combined by a linker yielding an executable program. A C++ program typically consists of many source code files.

Benefits of Using Python over the Other Programming Languages for AI

  1. Good quality documentation.
  2. Platform agnostic, and present in virtually every *nix distribution.
  3. Useful for an expansive range of programming assignments from little shell scripts to business applications to scientific uses. Easy and fast to learn in comparison to any other OOP language.
  4. Python is very well designed, robust, portable, fast and scalable. These are considerably the most important factors for AI applications.
  5. Python contains plenty of image intensive lib’s like Numeric Python, Python Imaging Library, VTK and Maya 3D Visualization Toolkits and many other tools available for numeric and scientific applications.
  6. It is an Open Source
  7. Platform, Best community support available for the same.

Python Libraries for AI

  1. pyDatalog – Datalog is a declarative language derived from prolog and pydatalog is logic programming engine in python.
  2. SimpleAI – Python implementation of many of the AI algorithms explained in the book “Artificial Intelligence, a Modern Approach”. It focuses on providing an easy to use, well documented and tested library.
  3. AIMA – Python algorithm implementation from Russell and Peter Norvig’s ‘Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach’
  4. EasyAI – Simple python Engine for dual-player games alongside AI (Transposition tables, Negamax, game solving).


Python plays a crucial role in AI by furnishing it with good frameworks alike Scikit-learn:Python for machine learning, which processes every need in this field and D3.js- Data driven Documents in JavaScript, which seems to be a simple and most powerful tool for visualization. 

Excepting frameworks, It’s fast prototyping makes it an important language which can’t be ignored.  AI requires a lot of research and therefore it is necessary not to require certain amount of boilerplate code in java to test new hypothesis, which may never end the project. Python has the capability to quickly validate 20-30 lines of code (same for JS with libs). Hence, it is a useful language for the purpose of AI.

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Saikumar is a content writer who is currently working for Mindmajix. He is a technical blogger who likes to write content on emerging technologies in the software industry. In his free time, he enjoys playing football. He can be reached through linkedin and twitter.

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