PWRCard Reviews (Consumer Reports) Read Before Buying

PWRCard is a compact and slim power card battery charger with built-in charging cord sold online at around $49.99.

With most people switching from heavy power banks to credit card sized battery chargers, normally called charge card searches for quality, affordable, and reliable charge card battery chargers continue to rise. Which one is really the best?

Sincerely speaking, there are a lot of low quality brands with fake promises selling out, mostly online. With some false Reviews, most people find it more difficult to choose the right product.

After a protracted research, we came across one product, the PWRCard. We read reviews, consumer reports and we ordered one and tried to see for ourselves. Truly there are elements of hype and false claims like most of the stuff sold online today.

From our experience it is not the first of its kind though we see some improvements from what has been in existence. The size is small but not as small as what most people said, the capacity is okay but not that great, and it is compatible with most smartphones.

Like most products we reviewed, we advised all our readers to do their personal research if possible before making any decisions, most especially, regarding purchase. We don’t mind, our concern is you getting the right value for your money. If possible, read on and see everything you might need to know about this so that you can make the best decision.

Unlike before, we have links to the official website where this product is sold at a 50% discount with possible free shipping. Don’t buy if you aren’t completely thrilled, other battery chargers might have the features you are looking for.

Is PWRCard worth the hype? How does it work? Consumer Reports? don’t worry this is the right Review, we are not going to hide anything, if you are okay with it shortcomings buy otherwise leave it and research on the brands with the best feature. Please stay with us till the end!

Product Overview (PWRCard Reviews)

Brand Name: PWRCard

Category: Gadgets

Starting price: $49.99

Available: On the official website

Charger type: Power card charger

Dimensions: PWRCard measures 3.79″ x 2.41″ x .33 inches (96.3 mm x 61.2 mm x 8.4 mm).

Capacity: 2500mAh

Battery type: Lithium Polymer

Key Highlights

– The Pocket-Sized Power Bank That Fits in Your Wallet

– Must have a gift for the Holiday season!

– Ultra-Lightweight and Compact

– Fast, Powerful & Convenient

– Strong & Durable – Easy to Use

– 60 Days Return

-Proudly owned by American

-Ultra high quality design

What Is PWRCard?

PWRCard is a power card battery charger with built-in charging cord sold online, on the official website at $49.99 per unit. It uses Lithium polymer batteries and is encased in durable ABS plastics. It is compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung phones, HTC, Nokia, and LG Android.

PWRCard is lightweight, portable, and compact with nice looking packaging. It is small though somehow bigger than most credit cards and might struggle to enter some wallets.

The PWRCard battery charger can be recharged from the wall socket outlet via USB adapter. The total capacity is 2500mAh. It is also available in Canada.

Like most charge cards, PWRCard can’t charge most phones from 0 to 100 but it is helpful during emergency situations. It is perfect if you need a quick and small charge. When recharging, it takes only a few hours to be fully charged though it depends on the charging source.

Unlike other power card battery chargers, PWRCard is exclusively sold only online on the official website. The manufacturer claimed that they offer it at a 50% discount with free shipping in the United States and Canada.

PWRCard comes with features like over charge protection, and built in charge level indicator etc. It is extremely easy to use just like other similar products you might have used in the past.

Based on verified consumer reports, PWRCard is among the best Power card battery chargers in the market. On paper, it is rated high with 4.96 star ratings out of 5.0 by verified users in the United States and Canada. No doubt, it looks good, comes with more backup time, looks rugged though there are some limitations you need to know before buying it if you are thinking of it.

Specifications (PWRCard Reviews)

  • Total capacity: 2500mAh
  • Weight: 2 Ounces
  • Thickness: 0.16″
  • Charge time: Around 2 hours
  • Indicator: Red LED
  • Dimensions: PWRCard measures 3.79″ x 2.41″ x .33 inches (96.3 mm x 61.2 mm x 8.4 mm).
  • Battery type: Lithium polymer

Features – PWRCard

PWRCard is designed with unique features seen in most quality charge card battery chargers. These features distinguish it from other similar brands and make it outstanding.

From the manufacturer’s website, here are some of its features:

Slim Design: Very slim though it is bigger than some credit cards but it looks like the smallest Charge card we have seen.

Lightweight: In terms of weight, it is the lightest we have reviewed. It weighs just 2 ounces. You will never feel that you are carrying something.

Compact: Normally, the idea was to design something that fit in your wallet like a standard sized credit card.

Portable: Extremely portable, just like your wallet. There’s no stress in taking it around.

Cordless: It Comes with an in-built charging cord which makes it unique from some charge cards sold in the past.

Fast Charging: Looks like the fastest charge card under $50 though it might not compete with some expensive brands costing hundreds of dollars.

General Reviews On PWRCard (Does it work?)

For something like this, it is normal to doubt it but a single trial might change your mind.

Sure, it has limited battery bank/capacity which is a major drawback we observed. It looks super cool in design, looks durable but we just used it for a few days now so we can’t tell how many years it is expected to last and there’s no such information from the manufacturer’s side.

It uses the same technology as most quality power banks though it is more compact, weighs less and is affordable. People have mixed reviews about it, just other products, though the majority of users are extremely satisfied. It is convenient and can charge many devices using USB.

Do You Need A PWRCard?

From our experience PWRCard is designed for emergency situations. It is not something you can completely rely on if you are always outdoors where grid power might not be available and it is not solar powered. Even when it is fully charged it can only charge your phone once. Having tried it, it might not be the best if you are always on the go, where you can spend days without having access to a wall socket or other charging source. Like we said before, it is perfect for small and quick charges.

Why Do Most People Recommend PWRCard?

No doubt, PWRCard is just an option, there are a lot of quality charge cards sold online. Why is PWRCard getting all this attention?

Firstly, PWRCard looks cheap, the cheapest so people can easily take the risk. One unit costs just $49 and they offer a discount when buying more than one which makes it even cheaper.

Convenient: PWRCard is compact and easy to move around. It is a perfect credit-card-sized battery charger though it might not enter most wallets comfortably.

Rapid Charging Technology: PWRCard offers the fastest charging from our experience and it can be recharged faster.

It is cordless, thin and looks durable.

PWRCard is also manufactured in the United States which means that it meets all the standards and the quality of the product is guaranteed.

PWRCard is also versatile, it can charge many other devices other than smartphones. Things like earbuds, and smartwatches are compatible as well.

Assured Premium Quality:

PWRCard is crafted from premium materials, ensuring outstanding durability and lasting use.

Stress-Free Returns:

Not completely satisfied with your PWRCard? Return it within 60 days and receive a full refund (no questions asked)

Quick & Simple to Use:

Designed for immediate use with minimal hassle. Experience the benefits of PWRCard instantly

Pros – PWRCard Reviews

  • It is cordless
  • It is affordable
  • It is compact, portable, and lightweight
  • It is compatible with many smartphones
  • It offers fast charging
  • It has good return policy
  • It is available on the official website with free shipping


  • Limited battery Capacity
  • Limited stock
  • No free shipping on all orders
  • Available only on the official website
  • Charge one device at a time

Who Might Benefit From Using PWRCard

Virtually everyone can benefit from this technology due to its efficiency, price and overall design. Having read a lot of PWRCard Reviews, it seems that students and those who are always outdoors are Benefiting more, office Workers are beneficiary as well.

Order PWRCard today if you are completely thrilled otherwise search for another battery charger with the features you are looking for.

PWRCard Prices (In United States Dollar)

On the official website, PWRCard is fairly priced. Currently, it is the cheapest brand sold in the United States today.

Here is the Prices as seen on the official website:

1x PWRCard cost $49.99

2x PWRCard cost $99.99

3x PWRCard cost $111.99

4x PWRCard cost $142.99

All prices are in the United States dollars. Shipping and other taxes if possible will be calculated at checkout.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping takes a few days, at most five working days and there’s no sloppy things in their packaging. The product arrived as seen on their official website.

Is PWRCard Legit?

Well, nobody is 100% sure but the product is manufactured in the US by a company with a lot of experience.  As  products designed and sold in the US alone there’s a high chance that it is authentic. Secondly, it has been used by many people with a lot of positive reviews so it looks like a good deal. In doubt, you can try with one and see if it is worth it, remember you can apply for a full refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Customer Reviews (Verified Consumer Reports)

From Denise M. – Miami, FL, A verified purchase, reviewed on Dec 04, 2023

Rating: 5 star

PWRCard has been a lifesaver two times in the FIRST week of owning it. It’s awesome how light it is as well. I carry it around in my wallet when I’m working/running around the city and have another one I keep in my hiking pack just in case.

James R. – Los Angeles, CA

Ratings: 4.5 stars

Reviewed in the United States onNov 26, 2023

Verified Purchase

“After a long day of work my phone was usually getting close to dying so I would have to sit next to a wall charger before going out. Or worse ask the bartender to charge my phone and hope it was still there when I got back. Now I never have to worry about losing my phone or running to find my Uber before my phone dies.”

Darren H. –San Antonio, TX

Ratings: 5 stars

“Perfect for emergencies”

Reviewed in the United States onNov 11, 2023

Verified Purchase

PWRCard saved my butt more than once! It’s tiny and handy, perfect for those emergency situations when you need some juice ASAP.

Leslie K. – Seattle, WA

Ratings: 4.45 stars

“Awesome charger!”

Reviewed in the United States onOct 27, 2023

Verified Purchase

This charger is awesome. It charges my phone from 5-10 percent all the way to 100 in a few minutes! I have an old phone so my battery is horrible but this charger is GREAT. It charges my iphone fast and full.

Like other products, there are negative reviews as well. Some people aren’t completely thrilled about its capacity and lack of warranty. It is okay if you carry out your personal research before buying it.

False Claims About PWRCard

There are claims that PWRCard is the cheapest charge card available. Sure, it is affordable but we have seen some charge cards Sold at a lesser price though they have smaller capacity.

There are also claims that they offer free shipping on all orders. When they ordered one, they charged us around $10 for shipping so don’t be surprised if they charged you for shipping. Free shipping is when you buy from two units up.

There are also claims that it can fully charge most phones within minutes. Not really, it is fast but don’t expect it to drive your dead battery from zero to 100 in such time. Charge takes a small time and it depends on the device being charged.

Final Thought (PWRCard Reviews)

In conclusion, PWRCard is a quality power bank sold online today. It has all features needed and it is designed with improved battery capacity. It is compact, ultra thin, and fits comfortably in most purses or wallets. It is compatible with all Smartphones, and offers one of the fastest charging.

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