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Pushd’s E-Commerce Presale Price Hits $0.144, Rallying Uniswap and Chainlink Holders for Potential 50X Surge


While the market is in distribution mode, coins like Uniswap and Chainlink continuously see a bearish trend. This is making the investors turn to the presale of Pushd, a decentralized e-commerce platform aiming to give tough competition to biggies like Amazon and eBay. According to the crypto analysts, there is potential for a 50X return in Pushd after the launch.

Pushd is solving problems like centralized ownership and higher fees of traditional e-commerce platforms. In this article, we will discuss the recent price behavior of Uniswap and Chainlink and how Pushd will change the e-commerce platform forever.

Uniswap’s Recent Price Behavior

Uniswap’s RSI of 33 suggests that the price may be in an oversold region. Since the start of March, we have continuously seen the coin’s bearish trend. Also, last week, we saw the most significant drop in the year, 33.99%, from $11.77 to $5.93. The whole crypto market is suffering in this correction, including leader cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, down 12.60% and 25.14% from the recent high, respectively.

However, the price is in the oversold region; according to the RSI, the overall price action still looks bearish. While the legal fight between the SEC and Uniswap is ongoing, this is not good news for investors. This is one reason Uniswap investors are already shifting to the Pushd presale, which holds a promising future.

Chainlink Trading Near The Strong Support Of $13.50

$13.50 – $14 is acting as strong support for the chainlink. It has taken support from this level many times and is now trading around it. After the massive drop of 21.19% last week, the price has been in consolidation mode for the last few days. A break or bounce from this level will tell the direction of the coin. A break of this support can lead to the next support level of $11.50. We can see the near-term resistance of $16.60 if the direction changes. 

At the recent Web3 summit, The Saudi Wealth Fund, worth $4 trillion, announced a big move: introducing the CHAINLINK CCIP TRANSPORTER. This tool helps connect TETHER $USDT across eight different chains, like Ethereum and Binance, as well as platforms such as Arbitrum and Matic. It links up with thousands of banks, including those in Saudi Arabia.

Pushd Can Outperform Major Coins

Crypto Experts are watching Pushd as a potential standout in 2024. This ambitious project aims to create a leading online marketplace using Web3 technology. Their presale has seen robust participation from investors in the market.

PUSHD will be the primary currency used in the Pushd marketplace. This marketplace aims to be an advanced version of Amazon or eBay but built on blockchain technology. With PUSHD, users won’t have to pay to list items, and they’ll have to pay lower fees for transactions. There’s no need for those annoying KYC, and users will have more control over their data. Using PUSHD for transactions will also give token holders a share of the fees collected by Pushd.

Additionally, the use of PUSHD tokens in the marketplace incentivizes more frequent transactions and active participation, fostering a vibrant community ecosystem centered around decentralized commerce.

For more information about the Pushd (PUSHD) Presale, visit their website.

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