Puppy Planet: The Innovative Play-to-earn Game Launched on ABEYCHAIN


Play-to-earn games have contributed massively to the global scaling of cryptocurrencies and have given the gaming world a new shape. The ideal model of play-to-earn games which sets it apart from the traditional gaming model is one of the greatest features that contributed to its boom as players get to earn while doing what they love.

As more players are rewarded with cryptocurrencies and NFTs for participating in the gaming model, the play-to-earn industry keeps booming. It’s no wonder there are around 80-100 million transactions in games daily and some players use this as a means of earning extra income in addition to their 9-5 jobs.

Top games like Axie Infinity have a huge following as it allows users to build up a collection of Axies and make money by selling SLPs, breeding rare Axies, and through AXS staking. This in turn has attracted more players into the game and rewarded them for doing what they love. This is the core drive for launching the Puppy Planet.

What is Puppy Planet?

Puppy Planet is a decentralized play-to-earn game and the first of its kind to be deployed on the ABEYCHAIN. It combines innovations from Axie Infinity’s smart contract and allows users to participate in the NFT collectible market as they buy and sell NFT pets within the marketplace for PUP tokens.

Puppy planet is developed by Puppy NFT Labs and it combines DeFi, GameFi, and NFT as players can breed their pets using the pet mining feature to increase NFT collectibles and earn extra income. The PUP token which is the in-game token for Puppy Planet is also listed on XSwap so gamers can trade their PUP token on XSwap in exchange for USDT and other popular cryptocurrencies and it is available for purchase by users already signed up for the game.

As of the game’s release the PUP token was trading around $1.25, an increase of nearly 1200% for early players. 


Innovative Play-to-earn Game

ABEYCHAIN is one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world and was awarded the prestigious Blockchain Solution of the Year at the Europe AIBC Awards 2021 in November and this is seen as a huge win for the blockchain.

The developers of Puppy Planet chose to deploy the game on the ABEYCHAIN as the first play-to-earn game on the blockchain and the first entry into the metaverse space. ABEYCHAIN is well reputable for its growth and it has been adding more than 20,000 active ABEY 2.0 addresses each week and has over 140,000 users on the blockchain.

“ABEYCHAIN is one of the fastest-growing blockchains in the world,” said ABEY Foundation Co-Founder and Director Philipp Sauerborn, “The addresses that the blockchain is adding show how active the ABEY community is. We believe it is that community that makes ABEYCHAIN an ideal destination for gaming developers. We are excited to welcome Puppy Planet as the first of many games featured on this award-winning blockchain solution.”

Puppy Planet Preliminary Successes

Before the launch of the Puppy Planet game, Puppy Planet held its first PUP token pre-sale on October 29, 2021, and 7,500,000 PUP tokens which were worth $500,000 USDT were sold out to 5,000 ABEY addresses in 7 hours. This action led to the creation of more demand for the token and the second presale was scheduled.

The second presale of 1,200,000 PUP tokens which was worth $100,000 USDT was sold out in three minutes. The two pre-sales were a stepping stone for the game and showed the massive interest users had towards the game.

The Puppy Planet team decided to also give games the first opportunity to own a rare asset with “Blind Box” sales. The first sale which was held on November 13, 2021, was sold out in fifteen minutes and the second sale which was held on December 2, 2021, was sold out in just ten minutes. A total of 5,000 puppy blind boxes were sold out and the 75 puppy images that hatch out of those blind boxes will never be issued again and will become super rare commodities as the game has launched.

The Plan

A total of 180 million PUP tokens will be issued out by the team with 90 million of those tokens allocated for game mining on farms and battlefields. Half of the proceeds derived from the official shop transaction will be reinvested in the mining pool for rewards and players will earn a stable income by participating in PUP mining.

The launch of the game is bringing so much goodness to players of the Puppy Planet as their PUP tokens can now be used to buy, sell and trade NFTs, props, release earnings, and hatch pets at a higher level than was previously possible and they can also benefit by participating in the governance of the game.

In time to come, more features such as virtual real estate where players can purchase, own and develop their own decentralized virtual space will be added to the game to make it super exciting and rewarding for players.

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