Puppy Planet taking P2E gaming to the next level with ‘Professional Employment Plan’’ On AIBC Blockchain Solution of the Year ABEYCHAIN


2021 represented a huge year for blockchain gaming with several platforms taking advantage of the emerging qualities of blockchain technology. This surge in interest from mainstream gamers was largely due to a relatively new concept known as ‘Play-to-Earn’ or P2E. P2E has given players more control of their in-game crypto assets and enabled millions to not just have fun while playing their favorite games, but to also earn money while doing so.

Blockchain gaming has gone through remarkable innovations and new games have been launched with incredibly immersive graphics and exciting gameplay designed to keep already avid players engaged while attracting new and more players. 

Puppy Planet, a blockchain-based game launched on the AIBC Blockchain Solution of the Year ABEYCHAIN GameFi ecosystem in mid-December is one of those trending, highly innovative P2E games. Puppy Planet provides a platform that combines the best gaming, best NFT, and best DeFi attributes.

Players are able to buy, incubate, fight, and trade puppies which represent an NFT asset that can be traded within its inbuilt marketplace. In yet another advance forward Puppy Planet has recently revealed plans to take P2E to the next level with its latest gameplay mode called ‘Professional Employment Plan.’

The UK-based Puppy Planet NFT studio believes that the soon to be unveiled Professional Employment Plan model is the next logical development phase not just for Puppy Planet, but for blockchain gaming generally. With Puppy Planet’s early adoption of this new wave, they have established a new higher benchmark. With this innovation Puppy Planet is now the game to beat. By choosing ABEYCHAIN as it’s homebase, one of the top gaming platforms in the entire blockchain industry, they have further solidified their position.

An innovative blockchain gaming model

 blockchain gaming

The Professional Employment Plan is a gaming model developed by Puppy Planet to make the game more fun, more immersive, and more profitable for their ecosystem community. 

With this gaming model, players are required to purchase a blind box containing a random prop trait attribute. (Much as the puppies themselves are purchased via blind boxes.)

There are five different color-coded professional props that gamers can buy and they differ in their qualities. The higher the quality of the prop, the higher the return that gamers stand to gain. When players buy a blind box, they do not know which color-coded level of prop they will receive, hence the term ‘blind box.’

Gamers can then use the professional props acquired to boost their particular puppy’s attributes, thereby increasing its market value, and boosting its mining capability. 

The professional employment plan does have a cost in terms of durability over time, meaning that professional props will eventually stop earning income on that level, so in that sense they are a type of ecosystem consumable. However, gamers can happily and easily extend the durability of their props by having their puppy periodically devour lower-quality props—problem solved.

What makes the ‘Professional Employment Plan’ unique is its potential to increase the actual earning power of Puppy Planet gamers via their participation. Most blockchain games tend to be superficial, lack purpose, and allow for no dialogue with developers. Puppy Planet has spent time and effort to ensure that its gaming ecosystem is advanced, user-friendly, and responsive to its community. Blockchain gaming novices can play Puppy Planet has no complex learning process—it’s easy.

An added special feature allows Puppy Planet players to continue their engagement with the game via mining even when not online. Legacy games and almost all other online games have no way to make that kind of incentive possible.

Puppy Planet ‘Professional Employment Plan’ is a game changer 

Puppy Planet has its eye on the future, and is keen to constantly improve gameplay, to constantly upgrade its overall gaming platform ecosystem, and to constantly meet the needs and concerns of it’s participant community. 

Puppy Planet also has its eye upon healthy growth. Their developers think that with Professional Employment Plan they have a winning combination that greatly increases its growth potential via broad adoption throughout the crypto gaming community. For new gamers, it provides a way to obtain experience. For experienced Puppy Planet players, it’s a compelling incentive to continue their engagement.

With its new Professional Employment Plan, Puppy Planet is blazing a path into the burgeoning gaming metaverse. Like other moves they have made, this one is notable for its simplicity and potential profitability.

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