PumaPay’s PMA Token Listing on OKEx Exchange Days Before Extensive Roadshow Across Asia.

PumaPay just announced that its token, the PumaPay token (PMA) has been listed on the OKEx exchange. This is coming just a couple of days before its scheduled Asia roadshow. 

One of the leading and most innovative blockchain-based payment platforms, PumaPay in a report released via the official website has revealed that its token, PumaPay token (PMA) has been listed on the OKEx cryptocurrency exchange. On this exchange, the token trading pairs are; PMA/USD and PMA/BTC which will be live on September 9 and 10th respectively. In addition, PMA token will also be made available for users to choose from when funding their accounts. 

OkEx is currently one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges that are keen on offering an advanced financial service to traders all over the world by making use of blockchain technology. It is also one of the top leading exchanges by volume, offering its services to millions of people in over 100 countries. The exchanges’ futures trade hits over $1.5 billion trade volume daily, this is why it is recognized globally as the gold standard of the industry. PumaPay, on the other hand, seeks to combine the flexibility that comes with card payment and the benefits that come with making use of the blockchain technology. Its payment protocol has been revealed to enable multiple payments as well as all the familiar methods associated with the use of credit cards on the blockchain technology. 

With its own ecosystem, the development of the Business Console, and the PumaPay Pride, this payment platform seeks to become a viable cryptocurrency payment system that is tailored for businesses and individuals worldwide. The number of businesses adopting the PumaPay payment protocol has been said to be on the increase. Also, the payment platform is receiving all types of support from enthusiastic advocates from around the world and in different fields of life. 

To celebrate this feat, PumaPay and the OKEx exchange will be hosting a private dinner in Singapore. This dinner has been scheduled to hold before the official kick-off of the PumaPay Asia roadshow. According to reports, the roadshow will see the PumaPay team visit Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan from the 11th of September through the 17th September, 2019. 

About PumaPay 

This is a streamlined blockchain-based payment platform that has its own mobile wallet where users can conveniently store their tokens. In addition to having a mobile wallet, the platform has two distinct platforms – Business Console and PumaPay Pride. 

The key feature of this platform is that it seeks to combine the flexibility, ease of use, and convenience that comes with making use of credit cards as well as the advantages of the blockchain technology. The PullPayment Protocol of this payment platform affords merchants or users the opportunity to “pull” funds from the wallets of others based on conditions or agreements that have been met prior to that time. 

PumaPay is the first pullpayment platform in the industry to incorporate decentralized subscription payments on the blockchain technology. 

For more information, visit the PumaPay website:

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