Pumapay’s Economy is the Future of Payment on the Blockchain

Pumapay is a billing platform that combines cryptocurrencies with a credit card. People will be able to use the Pumapay platform to make payments.  Pumapay with the help of the blockchain technology will provide a secure system for traders to make transactions. They will provide merchants with some billing solutions. The solutions will replace banking. This solution will enable traders to eliminate the middlemen, frauds, risk of chargebacks and fines.

Pumapay offers a flexible billing mechanism. The protocol makes it possible for merchants to implement their business logic with ease. Merchants will have the power to control the various parts of the transactions they perform. The features are more flexible and credible than credit cards. Pum pay combines traditional payment methods with blockchain solutions.

What has Pumapay promised to do?

Right now, many hurdles prevent the smooth purchase of items with cryptocurrencies. Holders of cryptocurrencies need to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat currency first. Pumapay has promised to connect merchants with crypto holders and eliminate the banking system. They have promised to become the core layer of cryptocurrencies around the world.

They understand that credit cards are the standard for performing online transactions but credit cards payments haven’t changed to suit the new method of digital trading.

They have also promised to build trust between business and customers, offer both regular payments, single payment, pay per usage and utilize the use of cryptocurrency through the ecosystem.

Pumapay’s mission is to modernize payment systems by creating a cryptocurrency economy. They offer a robust system that is efficient, credible, cost-effective and flexible.

How transparent is the team?

They created a specific whitepaper dedicated to their team members. The CEO is Yoav Dror. He has over 20 years of experience in managing online businesses. The CTO named Ariosto Christofides follows him, and Chief blockchain Architect named Giorgos Kourtellos.

The CFO is Pantelis Foulis. Milenko Strika is the Head of the product design. He is a creative artist with extensive experience in web development, UI/UX branding.

The advisors are Uriel Peled, Dovi Frances, Daniel Sijes, Muly Litvak, and Prof.George M. Giaglis.

How much has Pumapay delivered on the company’s claims?

The company has concluded their token sale, and soon they will announce the wallets that are compatible with PMA tokens. Right now, they are listing their tokens on all the top cryptocurrency exchanges. They already have an app on the Google play store

What is next on the roadmap?

The private token sale, ended on May 7th, next on the roadmap is to allow the acceptance of PMA tokens with merchants and enable recurring transactions with PMA app. By the first quarter of 2019, they will integrate their full payment protocol on other platforms and develop third-party extension services.

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