Pumapay To Be Added To Wix Payments As A New Recurring Payment Method

Wix, a leading website creating platform will add PumaPay’s innovative Pull Payment Protocol to its payments. This was all in a bid to enable its business users to accept payments in PMA through their Wix websites.

PumaPay’s PullPayment Protocol

PumaPay is a decentralized payment platform that enables the merchants to conduct their online transactions with ease. The PumaPay’s Pull Payment protocol is most preferred because it provides flexibility of crypto payments in everyday transactions.  Its transaction process is super-fast and its rates are also very low. Once fully developed, PumaPay will also enable its users to make multiple payments as opposed to the usual one-time transactions.

The pull protocol works the same way as the modern day credit or debit card does. The users are therefore able to use the pull protocol to set up regular and also on time crypto payments to the service provider, one time. This means that the user will not have to carry out transactions manually, each time.

One of the major advantages of the Pull Payment protocol is that the provider is assured that the payment will be transferred to their wallet automatically within the agreed period of time. This way, the service provider is protected from fraud and delays. To the end user, he or she will also be at ease, knowing that the payments are being made online, and therefore enjoy uninterrupted services.

Wix and PumaPay Collaboration

Like earlier mentioned, Wix is a website creation platform for small businesses and individuals. It has a variety of ready-made templates where the users can choose from, and customize them, to suit their needs.

Although Wix already has an integrated number of payment modes, it has none of crypto payment modes and that’s where PumaPay comes in. Once collaborated, the Wix users will be able to integrate PumaPay into their payment options and instantly receive crypto funds.

The goal between the two companies, i.e. Wix and PumaPay, is to implement their vision of providing merchants with the most effective and overall user-friendly online business experience. PumaPay will provide a less cumbersome and hectic online transaction issues such as transaction fees, chargebacks, fines and long transaction timelines.  PumaPay provides an alternative means for the users to reach to as many customers as possible, while at the same time enhancing and improving the transaction experience.


Like already established, PumaPay is a decentralized payment platform that has created a wave of interest in the crypto industry. Earlier in the year, PumaPay was able to attract global attention and consideration and it raised over $117M its private sales. This made it the 7th biggest ICO in the decentralized industry.  Its collaboration with Wix will, therefore, be another huge milestone.

This massive interest by people has made the PumaPay pull protocol to garner collaboration from other 50 organizations and platforms from various industries. With Wix being the recent collaborator, the sky is the limit for this platform.

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