PumaPay Offers Crypto Payment Services to Vivid Customers.

PumaPay is a payment and financial service crypto asset that provides an open source blockchain-based protocol free of any charge and which decentralized a major aspect of the entire process involved in the processing of transactions. It is a flexible and easy-to-use protocol which makes use of owners to process their transactions with the use of almost all the billing methodologies familiar with them, and it provides a seamless amalgamation of blockchain based financial solutions and the traditional payment methods we all know and are accustomed to.

Earlier this month, Decentralized Vision (the company behind the development of PumaPay) announced a new collaboration with Vivid Entertainment, one of the most popular adult entertainment companies in the world. This collaboration is aimed at the provision of the PumaPay currency (and all its advantages and functionalities) to customers of Vivid. The PumaPay platform will act as a payment option that will serve purchases and a wide array of other purposes. The complementation off this sew blockchain-based payment method is expected to make it easy for people who want to pay for access to the acclaimed content provided on Vivid.

There has been quite a lot of attention on PumaPay of recent, especially as the company announced the development of the PullPayment protocol, which will provide for even more flexibility in cryptocurrency-based payments in daily transactions. PullPayment is supposed to attract more investors to the PumaPay platform by providing more speed and much lower fees for the processing of day-to-day transactions. Regardless of whether you are looking to make a traditional one-time payment, scheduled payment or restricted and pay-per-view transactions, PullPayment has the support and mechanism to help you achieve a seamless transaction experience.

The implementation of PumaPay into the payment structure of Vivid will ensure that Vivid’s customers will be able to make use of the PumaPay token (with the ticker PMA) as a means of making payments for a wide array of services and products that can be gotten on the entertainment platform. PumaPay is currently seen by thousands around the world as a pioneering member in the development of an advanced payment method. Thanks to the adoption of blockchain technology, PumaPay is able to ensure that transactions that are conducted are private and completely secure.  

The PumaPay system also promises to ensure the protection and confidentiality of customers who will very much rather not have the records of their entertainment transactions posted on their credit cards and bank statements.

“Thanks to the payment method option that PumaPay provides, our customers are now in control of the choices they make ad the transactions that they conduct. Our ultimate objective is to provide a viable replacement for the traditional payment methods such as credit cards. We are offering a more secure, modern, and convenient alternative that will definitely make things easier for people to transact.”

  • Yoav Dror, CEO, Decentralized Vision

The PumaPay-Vivid partnership is definitely going to revolutionize the entertainment industry and make payments much more seamless.

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