PumaPay ICO Review: Reinventing Crypto Billing Credibility and Efficiency.

Have you heard about PumaPay? Cryptocurrencies are becoming an everyday encounter for millions of people all around the world. The digital currencies are managing to ace themselves into the world economy at a very impressive pace. As the acceptance of the digital assets continues to spread like wildfire, payment using the currencies is becoming crucial to their survival and success. There is a need to integrate the traditional payment methods into the digital payment system on the blockchain to make a hybrid platform that is easy to use for both the cryptocurrencies and fiat. In line with that, PumaPay is here to revolutionize payment across the board. Therefore brace yourself for an exciting review of the ICO and currency that is overhauling both cryptocurrency and traditional billing to form a hybrid platform revolutionizing what a payment system should be in the 21st century.

PumaPay is a compressive free billing protocol that puts together all the exceptional traditional payment methods such as credit cards along with blockchain-based solutions to create a robust, credible system that can be used both in online and offline outlets using cryptocurrencies. The blockchain-based protocol is free-of-charge and has been developed to decentralize the entire transaction processing service in an efficient yet flexible manner that supersedes the traditional payment system as well as the current blockchain-based billing methodologies. The blockchain platform incorporates the use of innovative Pull-Contracts and several other contracts. The contracts ensure intricate and pervasive methods of payment, for instance, pay per use and recurring transactions. The services will for the first time be offered to the growing number of cryptocurrencies from now onwards. The platform will allow all cryptocurrencies to be converted to the PMA currency in order to fully utilize the packs of the PumaPay protocol.

The PumaPay Pull Payment Protocol

The PumaPay team is aware of the difficulties encountered when performing common cryptocurrency transactions. The open-source protocol is reinventing everyday payments. By simply agreeing to the terms and conditions set by the team behind the project, sending tokens from one address to another is now fast, efficient and flexible. PumaPay PullPayment Protocol has been designed from the ground up and more specifically to address the issue of transactions to expedite flexibility in transactions technicalities. Besides, it is scalable compared to the current billing payment methods. The merchants now have a mechanism to control the aspects of the transaction including currency, recurrence, recipients and security measures. The protocol offers both merchants and customers a frictionless secure blockchain-based payment method.

Why Invest in PumaPay ICO?

The PumaPay token is a unique facilitator that allows value transfer over the protocol among parties from any cryptocurrency to or from fiat. The tokens will be promoted on both an online and offline adoption while focusing on e-commerce and services. The team aims to make PMA token the de-facto payment method to build a thriving cryptocurrency economy. PumaPay already has some collaborators including alignment Blockchain Hub and Coin Tree among others working to ensure the success of the token. The team behind the ICO is much diversified to modernize payment processing systems and lay the foundations for a thriving cryptocurrency economy. The advisors are experienced and can provide clients with information for successful trading as well.

PumaPay also offers bonuses to investors driving business by contributing through the referral program. Furthermore, more bonuses are given to make payments using the platform. The platform increases transparency in the payments between clients and business owners.


PumaPay is a step in the right direction, especially in cryptocurrency billing. Efficient online transactions and conversion of currencies will boost the cryptocurrency market while at the same time drive business around the world.

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