PumaPay Appoints Chris Na as its South Korean Ambassador

One of the biggest issues that merchants and other services companies face in accepting cryptos is the lack of pull payment availability. The way blockchain and its security is designed, it is not possible to use cryptocurrencies for subscription based services. The inherent security does not allow for anyone but the private key holder access to an e-wallet’s funds.

Fiat based monetary and financial services, allow for subscription and repeat payment services to charge their customers (usually credit cards) without the buyers need for intervening or approving the transaction. PumaPay, with its Pull Protocol, allows for subscription services to “pull” funds from their clients’ wallets.

Ambassador to South Korea

Chris Na

PumaPay, in its bid to enter South Korea, has appointed Chris Na as its ambassador to the nation. South Korea is a huge market, with one of the highest densities of active crypto users.

With this step, we are excited to get closer to the South Korean business community,” Yoav Dror said about PumaPay entering the South Korean Market, “We look forward to building relationships with local businesses and expanding our network of Early Adopters. Furthermore, we welcome the opportunity to expand the visibility of PumaPay and our innovative payment solution to South Korean blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts

The ambassador, Chris Na, is a prominent South Korean blockchain entrepreneur. As the ambassador to South Korean market, he brings with him a wealth of knowledge on the local industry and his own. Chris Na expressed his excitement about the opportunity to work with PumaPay; “I look forward to the opportunity of growing PumaPay’s adoption in South Korea and raising the awareness about this innovative project. With our country being a forward-thinking crypto nation, I believe there will be an immense demand for the PumaPay cryptocurrency billing solution in the South Korean market.”

Founder of the business intelligence group, Chris and Partners, Chris Na has a unique insight into the strategies required for a business to thrive in the Korean market. He is also the founder of Chianeer, a blockchain accelerator and consulting firm in South Korea. He brings with him an in depth knowledge on business management and has a number of large blockchain clients that seek his experience in developing themselves as industry leaders. He also acts as a mediator between different blockchain alliances and groups to help develop the industry at a global level, improving cooperation and the blockchain ecosystem.

Asian Markets and PumaPay

PumaPay is planning to develop close relationships with local cryptocurrency scene in different countries. South Korea is the second Asian market it has targeted. Before that, PumaPay has its presence known in a similar way in Japan. In Japan, the platform is represented by Ninja Tech LLC and its head, Moryo Katayama.

Along with Ninja Tech LLC, PumaPay also has a prominent Japanese crypto personality in its advisory board. Kenji Sasaki, as its advisor, is also the CEO of Next Chymia Consulting HK, Corporate Officer of Emurgo and more importantly, the co founder of Cardano.

Yoav Dror

Yoav Dror has emphasised on both Japanese and South Korean markets as he said, “We believe it is crucial to bring ourselves closer to the world’s most advanced crypto economies and blockchain communities. This is why we have made it a priority to put Japan and South Korea on our map

About PumaPay

Developed by the blockchain company Decentralised Vision, PumaPay is a Cyprus based blockchain platform with a unique take on the industry with its Pull Protocol. The flexible protocol allows for adopters to pull payments from clients in services such as subscription, much like fiat. This billing method has allowed different companies to adopt supported crypto services and give their users the option to be billed in cryptocurrencies.

The platform has a number of different scenarios based pull services. These include one time payment, monthly or weekly subscription, pay per view and many others. This enables PumaPay to be highly sought after service in the crypto world.

The service has gained a lot of popularity and following. Adopters now are over one hundred in strength and include companies and organizations from all industries such as entertainment, financial, lifestyle and much, much more. Big names such as website development and hosting Wix, Fashion TV, Rent 24, Vivid Entertainment and IronFX are amongst its clients.

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