Pullix (PLX), Dubbed Binance’s (BNB) Successor, Unveils No KYC Trading Platform, With Staking up to 45% APY

No KYC Trading Platform

In a world where privacy is increasingly becoming a key issue, Pullix (PLX) is unveiling a privacy-centered trading exchange. While Binance (BNB) is currently thriving as one of the most popular CEX exchanges, the demand for a decentralized exchange with a focus on improving privacy and transparency has led to the creation of Pullix. 

In the near future, Pullix may effectively oust Binance to become the next go to exchange platform for traders, and it goes beyond just privacy concerns. Find out more reasons why Pullix is adjudged a top crypto project with massive growth potential.

Overview of Pullix (PLX) and its Outstanding Exchange Platform Model 

Pullix is setting up a blueprint of a futuristic exchange platform that is centered on fostering privacy and trading transparency. This is because, unlike popular centralized exchanges like Binance, Pullix doesn’t require traders to submit any KYC documentation before they can start trading on the platform. 

All a trader has to do to start trading on the platform is to input their email and password to access the vast world of high-end trading. This is why, in such a short existence timeframe, Pullix has already recorded over 5,000 members on its platform. That number is very likely to rise to 200,000 by Q4 of 2024. 

Notably, pioneer investors can now also stake their presale tokens for additional income on the platform. Users can stake 100% of their presale tokens for 180 days and earn a 45% APY. With just a few clicks, you can authorize the staking of your token while also monitoring its performance. Staking on the platform is beneficial for your longer-term profit as well as the overall bullish sentiment of the top crypto coin.

Meanwhile, Pullix can be classified as a hybrid exchange platform, given that members can trade forex, stock indices, cryptos as well as commodities on the platform. As such, Pullix represents an all-in-one trading platform for investors. The profit share model of Pullix also ensures that PLX holders get a percentage of the profits generated from the platform.

Similarly, traders will be getting up to a 25% bonus from the first deposit on the Pullix platform. With this, traders will boost their trading assets while increasing their chances of making profits. Overall, the Pullix platform represents the future of decentralized trading. As such, PLX is one of the top cryptos to buy for massive profits in the future.

Binance (BNB) CEX and Where it Comes Short of Pullix

It is a fact that Binance is one of the top crypto exchange platforms on the planet. Its massive ecosystem of functionalities ensures the platform is diversified. Some notable functionalities of Binance include Binance Smart Chain, Research Project, Trust Wallet, Binance Academy, etc.

However, Binance lacks the decentralized features of Pullix. With Binance, you’re required to carry out KYC verification before you can use the platform. This verification impedes the flexibility, privacy, and freedom of trading and managing digital assets. For traders whose anonymity and privacy are priorities, Binance comes short of Pullix.

Similarly, Binance harbors a no-profit share model, as can be seen on the Pullix platform. All these make Pullix a top crypto project for the present and the future.

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