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Public Violet Fybo Is Preparing for a Major Partnership With a Leading Global Corporation

JRVGCUPVSC is a next-generation cryptocurrency platform with a unique Dual-System stability approach. JRVGCUPVSC is ready for a big partnership.

JRVGCUPVSC stands on the cusp of a transformative partnership. This innovative cryptocurrency platform is set to redefine the crypto landscape, heralding a new era in digital finance.

Public Violet Fybo (PVFYBO) introduces a dual-system approach, forging a path toward both stability and extensive adoption.

Its ultimate goal?

Elevate crypto from a mere technological concept to a universally embraced financial instrument, enriched with tangible value

What Is The Public Violet Fybo (PVFYBO)? And How Does It work?

Public Violet Fybo (PVFYBO) is an innovative digital unit system with a vision to enhance the value of cryptocurrencies and transition them from a purely technological concept to widely adopted financial instruments. This system operates on a dual-model framework designed to ensure stability while deriving its value from real-world assets.

Within this structure, the Appreciative Value Stable Coin (UPVSC) plays a pivotal role. UPVSC is backed by tangible assets and governed by well-established financial principles and algorithms that regulate its supply. The issuance of UPVSC is intricately linked to the commitment provided by the Justified Recursive Value Growth Coin (CJRVGC), symbolized by the Foundation Yield Bearing Object (Fybo) Coin. This innovative approach goes beyond conventional technological platforms by offering a solid foundation for mass adoption, supported by real-world assets and equipped with mechanisms to maintain stability.

PVFYBO’s vision extends to the creation of a universally applicable intrinsic value digital unit system. It recognizes the stages of evolution in the cryptocurrency space, commencing with Bitcoin’s introduction of blockchain technology and decentralization. However, Bitcoin lacks intrinsic value. Ethereum, on the other hand, expanded blockchain functionality through dApps and DeFi, yet its value remains limited to specific market niches, hindering universal appeal. Concurrently, Layer 2 solutions, replicas, and altcoins exacerbate the issue of lacking true intrinsic value.

PVFYBO seeks to overcome the hurdles associated with achieving universal intrinsic value in the cryptocurrency realm. Among non-stable coins, a significant proportion of the 22,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation lack justified value, deliverable intrinsic value in practical applications, or enforceable value through authoritative bodies. Volatility, uncertainty, and value depreciation are driven by human behavior. In the case of stable coins, they face challenges due to the absence of appreciative value, making them susceptible to displacement by Central Bank Issued Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

PVFYBO introduces two essential coins to achieve intrinsic value and promote usability:

  1. UPVSC (Appreciative Value Stable Coin): UPVSC is a verified and consistently appreciating coin, backed by tangible assets. It forms a symbiotic relationship with CJRVGC to create functional value synergy, ensuring growth and stability. UPVSC emphasizes universal usability, focusing on factors such as transactions per second, controlled fungibility, upgradability, commercial readiness, controlled value increase, and total supply.
  2. CJRVGC (Common Justified Recursive Value Growth Coin): CJRVGC is characterized by its generative recursive value, significant appreciation, and value justification. The issuance of CJRVGC establishes the foundation for PVFYBO, with its capitalization growing through CJRVGC issuance.

PVFYBO’s approach is centered around generating exponential value while promoting usability and creating universal demand. The introduction of a Public Participation System for UPVSC, supported by substantial financial resources, aims to ensure universal usability and foster widespread adoption.

Upcoming Partnership with a Leading Global Company

The platform is currently in the final stages of preparations to unveil a substantial partnership with a renowned world-class corporation.

This forthcoming collaboration is expected to be a groundbreaking development, opening new horizons for both entities involved. The partnership promises to bring a wealth of opportunities, innovation, and mutual benefits, solidifying the platform’s position as a major player in the industry while further enhancing the reputation and reach of the esteemed corporation.

Stay tuned for the official announcement, as it is set to mark a significant milestone in their journey of growth and success.

PVFYBO Tokenomics Overview

PVFYBO pioneers a novel digital currency system that seamlessly combines intrinsic value and practicality in the cryptocurrency realm. Key tokens, UPVSC and CJRVGC, cater to stable and non-stable crypto needs. PVFYBO’s meticulously designed tokenomics underpin network growth.

CJRVGC Sale and Distribution

PVFYBO raises $120 million by selling CJRVGC tokens at market prices, with 14% allocated for project development and 72% for the foundation. Founders get their 14% when objectives are met. Sales continue until pvFybo hits the Targeted Cap, triggering the second phase.

Optimizing Utility and Velocity

PVFYBO emphasizes “Money Velocity,” recommending an initial 10% buffer to adapt to demand. The 10% variance in consecutive velocity measurements enhances adaptability.

Aligning CJRVGC Supply with Demand

CJRVGC supply matches user demand, maintaining equilibrium through an annual fractional recursion rate based on transactions.

Ownership Dynamics for High-Value Coins

PVFYBO’s high-value coin isn’t supply-capped. It evolves through phases like Bitcoin, driven by demand rather than speculation.

In sum, PVFYBO’s tokenomics blend intrinsic worth and utility via a dual-token model, shaping its pioneering role in crypto.

Public Violet Fybo’s Roadmap

The JRVGCUPVSC platform has devised a comprehensive roadmap to achieve its objectives, including phases encompassing the initiation of a liquidity pool, value fragmentation and recursion mechanisms, supply control algorithms, community establishment, and listings on prominent cryptocurrency platforms.

It also plans to introduce systems like hoarding, stagnation, and drought to effectively manage demand.

Furthermore, PVFYBO collaborates with top-tier accounting and law firms for validation, engages in code auditing, secures use case partners, and works towards regulatory approval.

The platform has already achieved significant milestones, such as successfully onboarding top-tier accounting and law firms, along with custodial services. They are currently in the process of onboarding institutional investors.

How to buy PVFYBO coin?

JRVGCUPVS’s PVFYBO coin has been listed on CoinMarketCap and can be traded on BitMart, LBank, and Uniswap.

PVFYBO coin has 50,000,000,000 PVFYBO total supply.

In summary, Public Violet Fybo (PVFYBO) is a comprehensive cryptocurrency that focuses on intrinsic value and usability in the cryptocurrency landscape. Its dual-coin system, UPVSC and CJRVGC, presents innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by both stable and non-stable coins. PVFYBO’s roadmap underscores its commitment to realizing these goals and promoting widespread adoption.

So, for more information about the project and its upcoming campaigns, you can join the community and stay tuned.


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