PUBG: Tips and Tricks for Improved Accuracy


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an online battle royale game that has become increasingly popular since its release. As the competition for victory intensifies, players are constantly looking for ways to improve their accuracy in order to obtain the coveted ‘Chicken Dinner’.

This article will discuss tips and tricks that players can use in order to increase their accuracy when playing PUBG.

The most important factor in improving accuracy is properly adjusting your sensitivity settings. Sensitivity settings affect how quickly you can adjust your aim and if they are too high or too low it can cause you to miss shots that should have hit their target. By adjusting your sensitivities correctly, you will be able to quickly and accurately move your crosshair towards a target and land more accurate shots overall.

Additionally, aiming for the head is an effective way of increasing accuracy as it does more damage than body shots per hit and decreases the time needed between reloads due to faster kills from headshots. Using gaming enhancements such as an Aimbot for PUBG can drastically increase your ability to hit your opponents in record time and win more rounds.

Lastly, taking your time and analyzing each situation allows players to make better decisions that increase their chances of winning engagements with enemies during gameplay.

Properly Adjust Your Sensitivity Settings

Carefully adjusting your sensitivity settings can significantly improve your accuracy and performance in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Having the right sensitivity settings will allow you to quickly and accurately move your sights around the map to take out targets. It is important to find a balance between too little or too much sensitivity, as either one can lead to inaccurate shots.

When adjusting your mouse speed, it is best to begin with low settings and slowly increase them until you feel comfortable. This way, you can get used to the speed of the game without feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

The most common way to adjust sensitivity in PUBG is through DPI, or dots per inch. Increasing DPI will make your mouse react faster while decreasing it will slow down its movements. High DPI settings are recommended for players who have large monitors or prefer fast-paced gameplay, while lower ones are better suited for slower playstyles on small screens.

Additionally, having different sensitivities for different weapons may benefit those who wish to switch between long-range rifles and close-quarter shotguns quickly and accurately.

Adjusting other factors such as polling rate (the frequency at which input from a device is sent) or angle snapping (which makes small corrections when moving a mouse) can also help improve accuracy in PUBG by providing smoother movement control and more precise aiming capabilities.

Learning how these various elements interact with each other can help gamers maximize their potential in battle royale games like PUBG by giving them full control over their gaming experience.


Aim for the Head

Targeting the head can increase a player’s chance of success in battle.

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), aiming for the head is an important skill to master as it allows players to take out enemies quickly and efficiently. Headshots are more difficult to pull off than body shots due to the size of the target, however, when executed correctly they can be devastatingly effective.

It is suggested that players make use of scopes with zoom capabilities such as 4x or 8x magnification scopes which make aiming at distant targets easier. Additionally, fine-tuning sensitivity settings helps players become more accurate with their aim while providing maximum control over their weapon’s recoil.

Furthermore, another tip for increasing accuracy is to practice shooting in short bursts instead of using full auto fire at all times. This method not only greatly reduces recoil but also allows for better accuracy when firing from longer distances.

Moreover, one should also keep in mind that bullet drop needs to be taken into account when shooting long range targets or moving objects as it affects where bullets land on the target.

With proper practice and adjustment of sensitivity settings, players can develop greater precision and accuracy when targeting enemy heads in PUBG battles.

Take Your Time and Analyze the Situation

Taking the time to analyze the situation can help players make more informed decisions in battle. This is especially true for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), where split-second decisions can be life or death.

Players should take a few moments to assess their surroundings and think about their next move before they act:

  • Get a sense of your surroundings – what kind of terrain are you dealing with? Are there any cover points?
  • Check your equipment – do you have enough ammo? What kind of weapon are you using and how well does it handle at different distances?
  • Look at the enemy position – how many enemies are there, what weapons do they have, and what kind of tactics might they use against you?

Having a clear understanding of these three elements can give players an edge when faced with unexpected surprises on the battlefield. As such, taking a few moments to analyze the situation is essential for making successful plays in PUBG.

Players who take this approach will find that it pays off in the long run as they become better equipped to handle whatever comes their way.

Improve Your Movement

Knowing how to move effectively in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can give players an edge when engaging with enemies. Making effective use of the terrain and staying aware of one’s surroundings is a great way to ensure success while playing PUBG.

Staying low by crouching or going prone will make it harder for enemies to spot you, while also increasing your accuracy. It is important to practice moving in these stances as they require different levels of control over the controls than normal standing does.

Positioning oneself near cover can help reduce enemy visibility, and it is a good idea to keep obstacles between yourself and your opponents at all times. In addition, judicious use of sprinting can be invaluable in battle as it allows players to quickly get out of harm’s way or close the distance between them and their target.

However, sprinting should be done sparingly since each action taken while sprinting significantly decreases accuracy and increases noise radius; this makes it easier for opponents to detect where shots are coming from. Lastly, mastering vaulting techniques allows players to traverse obstacles quickly without needing too much time for aiming or shooting; this can be especially helpful when trying to escape from danger or get closer to an enemy without being seen.

Players who master movement techniques such as crouch walking, prone sniping, obstacle vaulting, and judicious sprinting will have an advantage over those who do not bother practicing these skills. Becoming skilled at managing one’s position on the battlefield gives gamers a greater chance of surviving hostile engagements unscathed.


Learn the Different Weapons and When to Use Them

Mastering the various weapons available in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can give gamers a strategic advantage in combat. With different types of weapons available, ranging from shotguns to sniper rifles, it is important for gamers to be familiar with each weapon type and understand when using them is most effective.

It is also beneficial to know which weapons best suit a particular playstyle or situation; for example, if playing in close quarters then short-range firearms such as SMGs and shotguns are usually more useful than long-range weapons such as assault rifles or snipers. Additionally, taking into account the recoil pattern of each weapon and practicing firing them at different distances and angles can help improve accuracy.

When selecting a weapon, players should take into account the damage output of each type; for example, an AR does more damage than an SMG at mid-range but less than an SR at long range. Moreover, certain attachments can further enhance a weapon’s effectiveness; for instance, compensators reduce horizontal recoil while vertical grips increase aim speed by reducing movement penalty when aiming down sights. Finally, some special loot items like throwables (i.e., grenades) are powerful tools that allow players to clear rooms quickly or flush out enemies who are hiding behind cover.

In order to maximize effectiveness on the battlefield, it is essential for players to become familiar with all of the different weapons available in PUBG – understanding their characteristics and learning how they interact with other elements of the game will give gamers an advantage over their opponents. Having knowledge about damage output and recoil patterns coupled with using appropriate attachments can go a long way towards improving accuracy and ultimately increasing chances of winning games.


Accuracy is an important aspect of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Players who take the time to properly adjust their sensitivity settings, aim for the head, and learn the different weapons and when to use them will have a significant edge in their game.

Furthermore, by staying aware of your surroundings and taking your time to analyze situations carefully, accuracy can be greatly improved. Knowing these tips and tricks can help players become more successful in PUBG matches.

With consistent practice and dedication, any player has the potential to reach a higher level of accuracy.

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