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Finding a reliable and trustworthy source can be daunting in psychic readings. This is where comes into play, offering a platform for individuals to seek guidance, clarity, and answers from a wide array of professionals in the metaphysical field. As an increasing number of users turn to the website for their spiritual needs, it’s essential to analyze and discuss the experiences and reviews shared by these individuals. boasts an extensive directory of psychics, tarot readers, astrologers, and other spiritual practitioners with unique skill sets and approaches. With so many options available, potential clients must understand the experiences of past users. Reviews provide valuable insight into the accuracy, professionalism, and overall satisfaction of the services provided to assist in making an informed decision.

By examining the feedback and testimonials posted on the platform, potential clients can better gauge the legitimacy and credibility of the practitioners found on These reviews reflect the quality of the readings and reveal the level of customer care, affordability, and responsiveness to client’s needs. With this knowledge, individuals seeking spiritual guidance can confidently choose a psychic reader or spiritual adviser that best aligns with their needs and expectations.

Overview of Reviews

Reputation and Online Presence is a platform offering various psychic services, and in this section, we will analyze the site’s reviews. They seem to have a mixed reputation among users, with some clients praising their experiences and others expressing dissatisfaction. As with any psychic platform, it is essential to research and choose a psychic carefully. Regarding its main competitors, such as Psychic Source, Kasamba, Keen Psychics, MysticSense, and AskNow, might not be as well-known, but they have a dedicated clientele.

When browsing online, you will find diverse reviews about Some clients have excellent experiences, while others encounter customer service or accuracy issues. It’s essential to read multiple reviews to understand better what you could expect as a customer.

Diversity of Services presents a wide range of psychic services to satisfy various clients’ needs. Among these services, you can find:

  • Clairvoyants: These psychics have strong intuitive abilities and provide guidance based on what they see in their minds.
  • Tarot Readers: Specialists in interpreting tarot card symbolism to offer answers and solutions.
  • Mediums: They connect with the spirits and loved ones who have passed away.
  • Astrologers: Experts in analyzing astrological charts and predicting individuals’ lives and personalities.

This diverse offering ensures that clients with different needs and preferences can find the psychics that suit them the best. strives to cater to various clients just like its competitors, such as Kasamba, Keen Psychics, MysticSense, and AskNow, which also offer a range of psychic services.


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Types of Psychic Readings Offered

Tarot and Card Reading Services offers a variety of tarot and card reading services. These readings are performed by skilled tarot readers who use their intuition and the cards’ symbolism to provide insight and guidance. They can clarify various aspects of an individual’s life, such as relationships, career, and personal growth. Some card readers at also specialize in oracle or angel card readings, which can help clients connect with spiritual guidance and tap into their inner wisdom.

Mediums and Paranormal Services

Mediums and paranormal services are also available at Mediums possess the unique ability to communicate with spirits and the deceased, allowing individuals to gain closure or receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over. In addition to this, psychics specializing in paranormal services can assist with issues related to ghosts, hauntings, and unexplained occurrences.

Astrology and Numerology Services

Astrologers and numerologists at use their knowledge of celestial bodies or numbers to offer predictions and guidance. Astrology services provide clients with personalized horoscopes and insights based on their birth chart, while numerology services focus on the client’s birthdate, name, or other significant numbers in their lives. Skilled astrologers and numerators can offer valuable insights into an individual’s future, relationships, and life path by examining these factors.

Pet Psychics and Animal Communication

Pet psychics at specialize in communicating with animals and understanding their thoughts and emotions. They can help pet owners address behavioral issues and provide guidance on their pets’ overall well-being. Animal communication services can assist in strengthening the bond between a pet and their owner, ensuring a harmonious relationship.

Love and Relationship Advice

Love and relationship advice is a popular service many psychics at provide. These advisors can provide insights and guidance on heart matters by tapping into their empathetic abilities or using tools such as tarot cards and astrology. They can help individuals overcome obstacles in their relationships, provide predictions on potential partners, and offer guidance for individuals seeking love.

Career and Life Path Guidance

Finally, offers career and life path guidance from experienced psychics and life coaches. Clients seeking clarity on their professional journey or those needing direction can find valuable advice and assistance through these services. Career readings may include insights into job opportunities, promotions, or even changes in professional focus. At the same time, life path guidance can help clients align with their life’s purpose and make informed decisions about their future.

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Methods of Communication

Phone and Chat Readings

Phone and chat readings are popular methods for connecting with psychics on Phone readings allow clients to converse with their psychic, ensuring a deeper and more authentic connection. Phones provide real-time interaction and the chance to ask questions and receive instant feedback. Many users appreciate the immediacy of phone readings.

Web chat readings offer a similar experience to phone readings. Clients communicate with their psychics through a text-based chat interface. This method is particularly convenient for those who may not feel comfortable speaking on the phone. Additionally, web chat allows users to revisit the conversation and reflect on the advice provided later.

Video and Email Readings

Video readings offer a visual element to the communication process, allowing clients to see their psychics, which can help build trust and rapport. These readings typically occur through a secure video platform, providing a seamless experience for the client and the psychic.

Email readings are another option for those seeking a more structured and in-depth response. Clients send their questions to the psychic via email, and the psychic takes the time to craft a thorough response carefully. Email readings offer the advantage of reviewing the psychic’s guidance multiple times and sharing the insights with others if desired.

Text and Social Media Readings

Text readings are a quick and efficient way to engage with a psychic. Clients can send their questions through text messaging platforms, and the psychic response with brief, concise answers. This method is ideal for individuals on the go or with limited time for a longer reading.

Some psychics on also offer readings through social media platforms, which can be a convenient option for those who frequently use these channels for communication. This method allows clients to reach out to their preferred psychic through direct messages or comments on public posts, allowing for a more casual and accessible approach to receiving guidance.

Psychic Advisor Screening and Selection

Verification and Background Checks

Psychic readers at undergo a rigorous verification process to ensure they possess genuine psychic abilities. This extensive screening includes background checks and identity verifications to maintain the quality of advisors on the platform. The company carefully reviews each advisor’s experience and qualifications, ensuring that only the most legitimate and authentic psychics are selected.

Customer Ratings and Testimonials

In addition to the thorough screening process, relies on customer ratings and testimonials to help assess psychic advisors. Customers can leave reviews and share their experiences, providing invaluable insight into the performance and accuracy of psychic readers. This feedback system allows potential clients to make informed decisions when selecting a psychic advisor.

By emphasizing verification and customer reviews, ensures that its advisors are trustworthy and provide reliable, accurate readings. With such high standards for their psychic readers, customers can be confident in the services’ quality.

Pricing and Payment Options

Reading Prices and Packages

At, customers can expect various pricing plans and packages for readings. The prices often vary based on the psychic’s experience, specialization, and demand. Some psychics may offer introductory rates for first-time clients, while others may provide package deals or reduced prices for longer readings.

Here are some typical price ranges for readings:

  • Short readings (15-30 minutes): $20 – $40
  • Medium-length readings (30-60 minutes): $40 – $80
  • Long readings (60+ minutes): $80 and up

These prices are for reference, and individual psychics may offer additional services at their discretion.

Credit Card and Cash Payments

Payment options at are designed to be as convenient as possible. The site accepts major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Credit card payments can be processed easily and securely through the website when booking a session with a psychic. In some cases, cash payments may also be accepted, particularly for in-person readings. However, it’s always best to confirm a psychic’s preferred payment method to avoid any potential issues.

Pros and Cons of offers a range of benefits for users seeking guidance in various aspects of life. One of the key advantages is accuracy. Many customers report having positive experiences with talented psychics providing accurate insights and predictions. The platform features diverse advisors specializing in various areas, such as love, career, and finance, ensuring users can find a suitable psychic for their needs.

Another notable pro is the promotion aspect of The platform regularly offers promotions, discounts, and special deals, making psychic readings more affordable and accessible for users. This allows people to try out different psychic advisors without breaking the bank.

However, there are also some cons to be aware of when using Like any online psychic platform, the accuracy of readings may vary from one psychic to another. It is essential for users to carefully read reviews and select a psychic with a proven track record for accuracy. Some users have reported inconsistent readings, highlighting the importance of finding a reputable psychic.

Additionally, the issue of personal information is a concern for some users. While takes measures to protect customers’ privacy, there is always the risk of personal information being mishandled or leaked. Users should exercise caution when sharing sensitive information with psychics and be aware of the risks involved.

In summary, offers advantages such as accurate readings and promotional deals, but users must be cautious when it comes to finding a reliable psychic and handling their personal information.

Conclusion has received mixed reviews from its users. Some praise the platform for its accurate readings and friendly advisors, while others express disappointment with poor customer service and questionable practices.

Regarding accuracy, many customers say their readings were insightful and helped them make important life decisions. On the other hand, some individuals found the predictions vague or simply incorrect. The overall accuracy of the readings seems to depend on the specific psychic chosen, as well as the user’s openness and connection with their advisor.

Customer service on the platform has room for improvement, with some users citing slow response times and unhelpful interactions. However, this is not the experience of all users, as some found the support staff to be helpful.

When considering the cost, some clients felt the prices were reasonable for the service they received, while others disagreed and felt the cost was too high. Price-conscious users should look into the different psychics and their rates to find a suitable advisor within their budget.

In summary, has both satisfied and dissatisfied users. It’s essential for potential clients to approach the platform with caution, read the reviews carefully, and choose a psychic who resonates with them. Though the experience may vary, it’s worth exploring if interested in psychic guidance for personal matters.


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Kasamba is a well-known platform for online psychic readings and spiritual guidance. They offer various services, including tarot readings, astrology, and dream analysis. Their psychics are carefully screened, with profiles that include ratings and reviews from previous clients.

  • User-friendly interface: The platform features an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for users to search and select a psychic based on their preferences.
  • First-time discounts: Kasamba offers attractive discounts for new users, such as a 70% discount on the first session and 3 free minutes with each new psychic.

However, remember that the rates for psychic readings can be higher than those on, and it is essential to carefully read the psychics’ profiles and reviews to make an informed decision.

Other alternatives

Several other platforms can also be considered as alternatives to, providing a range of psychic services and features.

  1. Keen: A popular psychic website offering phone or chat-based readings. First-time users can avail of the promotional offer of a 10-minute reading for just $1.99.
  2. Psychic Source: Established in 1989, Psychic Source is one of the oldest and most respected psychic networks. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and provide various psychic services through phone, chat, and video calls.
  3. Oranum: This platform focuses on video chat-based psychic readings. They have a unique community approach, allowing users to participate in free public chat rooms where they can get to know the psychics before selecting a one-on-one session.

In conclusion, when searching for online psychic guidance or spiritual insight, there are various alternatives to It is essential to research each platform’s offerings and carefully read user reviews to find a suitable and trusted psychic for your needs.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are psychics on the site accurate? has a diverse pool of psychics offering a variety of services. While some may be accurate, the accuracy of psychics ultimately depends on various factors like the individual psychic’s abilities, the connection established with the client, and the types of questions asked. Reading reviews and choosing a psychic who resonates with you is important.

How reliable are the readings?

The reliability of the readings largely depends on the psychic’s experience, specialization, and the user’s approach to the session. As with any psychic reading, entering with an open mind and clear intentions is essential. Although no reading can be 100% reliable, choosing a reputable psychic and asking the right questions can improve the chances of receiving useful insights.

What is the customer feedback?

Customer feedback for has been mixed. Some users are content with their readings and have found the information provided to be accurate and helpful. However, others voice concerns about ambiguous guidance or dissatisfaction with the level of detail in their readings. It’s essential to consider both positive and negative feedback when selecting a psychic on the site.

Are there money-back guarantees? does not explicitly mention money-back guarantees on their website. Users are encouraged to contact the site’s customer support for any concerns related to their experiences, but the availability of refunds depends on the individual circumstances and the site’s discretion.

How does it compare to others? is one of many online psychic platforms available, and its differences lie in the features and options it offers. Factors like psychic selection, pricing, and customer service may vary among platforms. It’s essential to research and compare multiple psychic platforms to find the one that best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Are the psychics experienced?

The experience levels of psychics on can differ greatly. The site includes both seasoned professionals and aspiring psychics. Users can evaluate a psychic’s experience by checking their ratings, reviews, and posted profiles to make an informed decision. It is advisable to select the psychic who matches your expectations and resonates with your energy for a satisfying experience.

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