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Proving Liability In Multi-Vehicle Accidents In Las Vegas

Every year in Las Vegas, many severe multi-vehicle collisions take place. Accidents involving multiple vehicles and parties are always complex to navigate. It is difficult to determine who is at fault, so it takes a lot of time to recover the compensation of the victim. Even though Las Vegas is a no-fault state, you can still bring a lawsuit against the negligent driver.

In these accidents, the most important part is a thorough investigation to find which party contributed to the accident. It is not possible to gain an accurate understanding of the case without the help of an expert from the High Stakes Injury Law. Book a free consultation period today. 

How do you prove liability in multi-vehicle accidents?

Proving liability in a multi-vehicle accident involves a few steps. The first thing you need to do is a detailed analysis of the scene of the accident. It includes examining vehicle positions, skid marks, or any road condition that increases the likelihood of an accident. 

Gathering evidence and witness statements is also crucial. Evidence may include dash cam recordings, security camera footage, pictures from the scene of the accident, etc. Contact people who witnessed the accident and get their emails and contact information. These witnesses can help you provide valuable insight into the accident.

The last step is to review the police report. Ask the officers to give you a copy of the report, which you can use as solid evidence in court. Following these steps will help you prove the liability of the negligent driver in a multi-vehicle accident scenario.

How is liability determined in a multi-vehicle accident?

In determining who is at fault in a car accident, the modified comparative negligence rule is applied. Each party in the collision is given a proportion of fault under this rule, and the driver who caused the majority of the damage is held liable for the losses. In order to get compensation, you must be found to be 50% or less to blame for the accident. 

Also, your compensation will be lowered if you share some of the blame. Your compensation can be reduced by 30% if you were found 30% at fault. However, if your contribution to the accident was 51%, you can not hold the other party responsible for your damages. You must pay for the damages from your own pocket.

What types of evidence may help you determine the fault?

Some of the evidence that helps determine the fault in a multi-vehicle accident includes:

  • The police report.
  • Driver statements were taken at the scene.
  • Skid marks or any debris on the road.
  • Eyewitness statements.
  • Weather conditions.
  • Video recording of the accident.
  • The location of the damage to the vehicles.

If you were in a multi-vehicle accident, hire an attorney immediately!

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