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Providing Customers With Free Stock Market Coaches: A New Way Of Financial Education?

Free Stock Market Coaches

There has been an increasing call for people to improve their level of financial literacy, with the Covid-19 pandemic showing just how bad millions of families are with their finances. Consequently, the team at nextmarkets, a leading German-based brokerage firm, recently announced plans to provide their customers with free stock market coaching analyses. The goal is to ensure that as many people as possible get access to top-notch trading and investment tips to build generational wealth through the stock market.

Investors/newcomers are systematically taking too much risk, according to numerous scientific studies. No investor should trade on the stock market without proper money and risk management. We also provide our clients with numerous coaches and trainers who give them a lot of expertise – free of charge, of course,” said Manuel Heyden, CEO of nextmarkets. “When it comes to trading and investing, many providers often lack transparency. That shouldn’t be the case. That’s why at nextmarkets all steps are comprehensible.”

Nextmarkets CEO and Co-Founder Manuel Heyden. Source: nextmarkets

Nextmarkets CEO and Co-Founder Manuel Heyden. Source: nextmarkets

The Case For Financial Education

Experts across the globe have described financial illiteracy as a major pandemic that is not getting the required attention. Its case is even more worrisome as wealth creation is not particularly taught within the four walls of a conventional school. Unfortunately, many of the available financial education resources are either exorbitantly priced or fail to deliver as claimed due to relative difficulty in comprehending the content. However, the team at nextmarkets, led by the passionate entrepreneur and investment expert, Manuel Heyden, is looking to break this jinx by focusing on the stock market with free stock market analyses by stock market experts.

Features Of The Free Stock Market Analyses

One of the standout features of the analyses from nextmarkets is the desire to catch them young, helping to reduce the effect of the lack of financial education that has continued to plague the world for decades. The importance of stock market coaches and their free analyses is given, as the number of young stock market members witnessing a steady increase. The analyses will equip inexperienced traders with the requisite skills to make informed decisions as opposed to joining the bandwagon that often leads to burnt fingers. It will also help traders to make the right moves as the market becomes more dynamic while avoiding worthless shares.

The 17 coaches provide young people the needed financial education to strengthen their grasps of the market, with nextmarkets allowing them to leverage low order fees to gain hands-on experience on trading stocks. The existence of no barriers allows customers of all deposit sizes to be a part of the lucrative stock market, creating more diversity within the (neo) broker.

The free stock market analyses also touch on the highly volatile cryptocurrency market and the frenzy it has generated in recent times, with Bitcoin rising to a new all-time high of $67,000, as many young investors find more confidence in the digital currency in the long term. nextmarkets also helps to bridge the knowledge gap existing in the digital currency investment space.

The financial education initiative from nextmarkets will undoubtedly make it a lot easier for young investors, in particular, to get started on the stock market. Some of the pros of the neobroker that students and investors will enjoy include zero Euros per transaction (min. €250 volume) to facilitate or encourage investing, support for clients with FREE up to 300 monthly analysis, and an opportunity to co-invest directly with the stock market coaches in an automated way.

nextmarkets has more than 7.000 shares and 1.000 ETFs tradable on the platform and is Europe’s leading NeoBroker in financial education.

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