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Proven Ways To Improve Candidate Relationship Management In 2023

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Introduction of Candidate Relationship Management 

Why is Candidate Relationship Management Vital?

How To Improve Candidate Relationship Management?

  • Using Recruitment Technology features – H3
  • Human factors to improve Candidate Relationship Management – H3

Final Thought On Candidate Relationship Management

Nowadays, recruiters focus on enhancing the positive candidate experience during the hiring process. Maintaining a healthy relationship and building trust with job seekers have become essential. Thus, 90% of recruiters and HR professionals say the market is candidate-driven. 

Recruiters and hiring teams use candidate relationship management (CRM) techniques to attract and retain the best talent within the company. Now, you are thinking about what CRM is and why it is crucial to maintain a good relationship with candidates. Let’s understand together. 

Enhancement of candidate relationship management is the practice of creating a positive work culture by encouraging and engaging with employees. Companies use this approach to improve candidate experience and to attract and retain top talent within the company. Richard Branzon says, “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.” Indeed the quote is accurate. Hence, companies use recruitment techs like Recruitment CRM software and AI-powered Applicant Tracking Systems to enhance the candidate experience and overall hiring process and positive employer branding. 

Why is Candidate Relationship Management Vital? 

Candidate Relationship Management eases the hiring process for recruiters to attract top talent within the company. A survey conducted by Echevarria found that 75% of employees accepted the job offer where they are working right now after having a positive experience during the hiring process. The following are the reasons CRM is essential for employers. 

  • Promote the employer’s brand
  • Build trustful relationships
  • Attract top-notch candidates
  • Increase the company’s optimistic image
  • Ascend candidate retain-ratio
  • To find the issues in recruiting process
  • Ensure smooth and quality onboarding
  • Helps in the sourcing process
  • Improve communication and engagement
  • Create successful training sessions
  • Increase the growth of the firm

Steve Jobs once said, “you’ve got to start with the candidate experience and work back toward the technology, not the other way around.” Hence, indeed a positive candidate relationship is vital for every recruiter and employer. 

How To Improve Candidate Relationship Management?

There are two ways mass recruiters, employment or staffing agencies can implement to improve the relationship with job prospects. 

  1. Using online Technology and tools  
  2. Human factors (What HR and recruiters can do?)

Using Recruitment Technology features 

In modern times, technology is bliss for the human race. Recruiters need to invest in online tools that help them to engage efficiently with the candidates. This way, they can automate the hiring process, frequently communicate with the contenders and focus on the essential tasks which need their attention more. 

There are numerous benefits to using Recruitment CRM software and Applicant tracking systems. These software and systems are immensely helpful in increasing the candidate relationship utilized by engaging and interacting with them. These IPTV Solutions and CRM tools help to build a strong talent network and find, attract, nurture, and manage candidates. 

By using such tools, recruiters can leverage plenty of advantages by onboarding top talent. Let’s look at those profitable returns of investing in CRM. 

Features of recruiting CRM software 

  • Easy job application via the career page
  • Mobile optimized application
  • Candidate self-service portal
  • Chatbot screening (24×7 Support)
  • AI-based profile matching
  • Resume parser
  • Automated emails about interview and application status
  • Synchronize with Gmail & Outlook
  • Candidate performance analytics
  • Manage documents and onboarding
  • Calendar Integration (For scheduling)
  • Career website integration

Benefits of recruiting CRM software 

  • Enhance candidate experience 
  • Provide quality applicants
  • Save a lot of time by automating manual tasks
  • Save costs of manual hiring
  • Sourcing becomes easy
  • End-to-end recruitment process 
  • Stores the candidate data and gives feedback
  • Optimize the recruitment process

Recruitment marketing methods & features are a lifesaver 

Recruitment marketing methods use marketing strategy to discover, engage, attract, nurture, hire, and retain talent. These techniques are essential to finding the top contenders in a tight economy and competitive labor market. 

Recruiters can use marketing strategies and features to do job advertising for the opening position in the company. Also, it increases the employer brand, which is vital. A LinkedIn survey found that 75% of candidates consider checking an employer’s brand before applying for a job. 

It includes showcasing your brand and promoting the company’s highest value and work culture. As a result, a firm can attract and entice the best candidates to join them.

Recruitment marketing platforms help immensely in Job-posting, advertising, analyzing the process, and providing feedback. Let’s see how CRM software’s features assist in recruitment marketing.

The career website integration feature helps to integrate your career page with different social media pages and job boards. It enables a chance to bring diverse candidates from various online platforms. On the job boards, a company can promote their job ads. 

Efficient networking is crucial in recruitment marketing practice. It is about connecting and hiring people by using employee references from internal and external sources. 

Social media is influencing the way we live and perceive things. CRM systems allow firms to promote their brand and increase brand awareness on social media. Firms can connect with potential candidates via different social media pages. It is called a Social recruiting feature. 

Also, the mobile recruiting feature is helpful and gives a mobile-friendly application. Mobile recruiting enables an easy and one-click application. 

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The analytics data will provide feedback on which platform to find the right candidate. The recruitment analysis helps recruiters and hiring managers make data-driven decisions to improve the hiring process and enable them to experiment with recruitment workflow. 

Human factors to improve Candidate Relationship Management 

Although technology will considerably help recruiters to do repetitive work during the hiring process; some work needs to be completed efficiently by humans. Let’s understand those human factors which will help improve CRM. 

Clear communication is key to maintaining a good relationship with the candidate. Recruiters and the hiring team need to be open and responsive communicators to conduct the hiring process efficiently. 

Interact and often engage with candidates by providing information they want to know. Make the candidates feel valued. 

Fair & transparent process to build trust among the candidates. Recruiters must write an easy and precise description of the job role and required skills. 

Train the team before the hiring process on conducting every step correctly to get the best out of the process. Create a stress-free experience for candidates by being accommodating. 

Final Thought On Candidate Relationship Management

In conclusion, candidate experience is the most crucial factor in improving candidate relationship management. A healthy relationship with a candidate is the first step to improving the candidate’s experience. It is possible by using web-based online tools and recruitment marketing methods. 

Numerous ways exist to improve and increase candidate relationships and experience with the firm. Technological tools and software help automate repetitive tasks and save recruiters time to focus on other essential tasks. At the same time, some of the tasks need a human approach to make the hiring process more effective and efficient.  

In this article, we’ve covered the recruitment tools and human factors to improve candidate relationship management that will help recruiters and employers to improve and enhance the good candidate experience.

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