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ProtoReality Games presents Derivative Outstation 119 (DO119) – its first Free-to-Play mobile game with a blockchain layer for Play-and-Earn experience

ProtoReality Games is proud to present “Derivative Outstation 119”, a mobile RPG game x crypto experience built exclusively for the metaverse.

Play and Earn (P&E) blockchain based games have recently received a great deal of attention from gaming enthusiasts all over the world. This upcoming release from ProtoRealityGames will merge the entertainment value of online mobile gaming, with the ability for players to earn digital assets with a real-world value.

Derivative Outstation 119 is a futuristic, dystopian  story driven RPG battle game that takes place in the year 2131, 88 years after the collapse of central governments and world financial institutions.  After a brief period of harmony brought about by decentralized technology the world is  once again controlled by the privileged few. The DO119 District is ruled by a dictatorial Council called the Lucis, it is fully isolated from neighboring areas and rules are heavily enforced. Travel between outstations is prohibited, it is believed that  contact with any human from the outside would have devastating consequences. In order to survive in the Outstation, you must uncover your backstory, explore the many challenges that lie ahead and interact with the immersive environment and its inhabitants. Players will need to engage in strategic, high-stakes decision making in their attempt to outsmart, outmaneuver and overpower their opponents.

Throughout Season 1, players will follow the  journey of the lead character as they seek to understand the world around them. The protagonist’s journey will unfold by completing key tasks and challenges. Elements of strategy, trading, FPS, racing and combat sequences will be necessary for the player to discover their true identity. 

Profit from just playing, using either in game tokens or with in-game NFTs

In Derivative Outstation 119, from ProtoReality Games, users will be presented with options to choose their own path of experience.  Rewards will vary depending on the decisions they make.  In-game currency and NFTs will be earned, and users will be enabled to capitalize on the time that they invest in the game.

Users can align with various factions to create in-game items and characters with unique traits, characteristics, and artistic differences. They can then  mint and sell these  as NFT’s (non-fungible tokens). Other players may wish to purchase these to give them an edge in the competitive game environment.  Trading characters and items will also be an option and there is potential for players to convert their tokens for real-world currency.

Players will  get the opportunity to build their character’s stats through upgrades earned by playing the main storyline and participating in tournaments and online competitions. A user  will be given the opportunity to interact with other players, change the appearance of your avatar and the traits of your weapons and vehicles. Building a high level character will enable the player to successfully overcome the competition, and fully experience the amazing game environment.

Derivative Outstation 119 is developed by a strong team of successful mobile video game veterans. The team are highly experienced and have produced many popular games on this platform.

Countdown to Derivative Outstation 119 launch

Derivative Outstation 119 is the first play-and-earn title by ProtoReality Games,  they are planning to develop more projects in the rapidly growing play-to-earn gaming space.

Proto Reality Games have released a short  Derivative Outstation 119 YouTube teaser trailer featuring in engine actual gameplay footage [add a link to video].

For more information about Derivative Outstation 119, including how to buy the NFTs and interact with the game developers, visit the following links:




Twitter: @ProtoRealityGmz

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