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Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market Insights, Deep Analysis of Key Vendor in the Industry 2022-2031

According to Future Market Insights, the protein hydrolysate ingredients market revenue will reach US$ 554.9 million in 2021. (FMI). The global market for protein hydrolysate ingredients is estimated to reach US$ 1.0 billion by 2031, with a CAGR of 7.30 percent from 2021 to 2031.

The protein hydrolysate ingredients market is dominated by Arla Food Ingredients, Kerry Group Plc, Glanbia PLC, Friesl and Campina N.V., and Hilmar Ingredients, according to FMI. In 2021, they will have a combined market share of more than 25%.

The growing popularity of sports nutrition is boosting demand for sports nutrition ingredients, particularly whey protein hydrolysate ingredients, as consumers shift to a healthier lifestyle.

The market will rise as consumers become more aware of the health benefits of high-protein diets and supplements. It is also projected to benefit from a greater focus on obtaining protein hydrolysate constituents from the highest quality protein sources.

During the projection period, the market will be driven by rising demand for flexible clinical nutrition with exceptional flavor. The use of protein hydrolysate components in infant formula is expected to rise in the coming years, especially in emerging economies. Infant formula formulations infused with protein hydrolysate components are progressively taking up shelf space in convenience stores and supermarkets around the world. With the introduction of a significant number of innovative infant and toddler formula products, increased consumer expenditure on baby’s health care items, and rising knowledge about the early nutritional importance of infants, the market is likely to grow at a rapid pace in the future years.

Key Takeaways from FMI’s Protein Hydrolysate Ingredients Market Study

During the projected period, the North American protein hydrolysate ingredients market is expected to rise at a 7.90 percent CAGR. Whey proteins and other protein components are in great demand, and the specialized food ingredient processing industry in the United States is expanding. With rising, whey powder production and demand for plant-based protein alternatives in the United Kingdom and Germany, the European protein hydrolysate components market is expected to develop at a 6.90 percent CAGR through 2031.

The increased penetration of a large number of infant and toddler formula products in China and Vietnam is likely to provide the profitable potential for market expansion in the Asia Pacific. In 2021, Japan and South Korea own 5.3 percent and 5.1 percent of the worldwide market share, respectively. The primary development drivers in these countries are a growing consumer preference for a healthy lifestyle and an increase in the number of health centers and gymnasiums.

“The future of the protein hydrolysate components market will be shaped by the introduction of snack bars and protein gels with improved functionality and flavor.” According to the FMI analyst, “a rise in health-conscious consumers will fuel demand for organic labels, protein bars, complete whey milky beverages, and powder shakes around the world.”

Competitive Landscape

Arla Food Ingredients, Kerry Group Plc, Glanbia PLC, FrieslandCampina N.V., and Hilmar Ingredients are all major players in the international protein hydrolysate ingredients industry. These accounted for around 25-30% of the total market share.

To consolidate their market position, leading market players are focusing on extending their product line. For example, Arla Foods will launch MicelPure, its first organic component, in August 2020 to meet the rising demand for natural protein ingredients. MicelPure is an 87 percent native protein that can be used in health foods as a functional ingredient. It is heat resistant and has a low fat and lactose content.

Arla Foods introduced a novel whey protein hydrolysate in 2016 that was specifically intended for gel, powder, milky beverage, and clear beverage applications. The enzymes will break down the whey protein, allowing it to be absorbed more quickly by the body.

Through new product introductions, new players have had a favorable impact on market growth. In 2021, ByHeart, a new infant formula start-up firm based in the United States, announced the conclusion of its infant formula clinical trials and is on its path to becoming the country’s fourth fully integrated FDA-registered newborn formula brand.

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