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Protecting Your Digital Assets

With the rise of NFTs and the blockchain, digital assets are finally being treated as equivalent to physical possessions. If you create content online, whether that’s in the form of videos, photographs, blog posts, or memes, then these are your digital assets and you own their copyright. However, theft of online content is all too common. It’s important to take steps to protect your digital work, in the same way that you’d protect physical items that you own.

Register Ownership

As soon as you’ve created something, you own it. From every Tweet you send out to a simple voice recording, as long as your labor has been used to make it, you have the rights of ownership. However, many people don’t understand copyright law. They may still happily steal it and repost it without crediting you. Even if they’re caught doing this, the penalties will be minimal.

To help prevent this, work with a legal professional to register ownership of your digital assets. On the work you’re most proud of, add a copyright sign or watermark. There’s no legal requirement to do this, but it’s a simple reminder to others that they can’t just steal your work without asking, crediting, and paying you.

Secure Your Data

Digital content can be stolen if your online security is weak. You wouldn’t leave your house doors wide open and unlocked. This would only encourage thieves to walk in and take your most expensive possessions. The same should be true for your non-physical assets, which will be stored as data on your computer.

Use a VPN to hide your data online. Then, make sure your passwords are as strong as possible using a password manager. Finally, utilize two-factor authentication. This means that even if a hacker does somehow find out your password, they still won’t be able to access the accounts where your digital assets are kept.

Take Out Insurance

To further protect your online assets, you may want to consider taking out an insurance policy. This is just like any other insurance that you might take out for your phone, your car, or your home. It’s a way to guarantee you financial protection should anything happen to the online possessions that you own.

Insurance isn’t normally expensive, especially for the peace of mind it gives you. You can easily look around online for the best deal. To start your search for a good insurance policy, check this site and see what’s available. As long as you have all the other security features in place, this is just an extra layer of protection.

In the digital age, your digital assets can be as important and valuable as your physical ones. Therefore, they need an equal level of protection. Many of the same principles to protecting your physical possessions apply to the online world so this is a good mindset to have. Be clear about your ownership, protect your files, and take out an insurance policy to give your digital assets the best protection.

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