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Protect your property from the damages caused by birds – keep them at bay with these unique tricks!


Birds can bring in a lot of diseases, so keeping them in check is vital. It is essential to prioritize bird control. However, there are multiple things that you may do at this time of the year to keep the birds at bay from your property. Here are a few tips to help you develop a better approach toward bird control and fall bird season.

  • Stop them from perching

The fall bird season is the peak migration time when the bird numbers grow because of the addition of the young population. Stop large flocks of birds from nesting on the rooftop by installing bird wire and bird spikes, as these are very convenient. To protect light post signs and other high-profile purchases from giant bird species like pigeons and starlings, you can apply discrete, highly effective gels, which are bird-proof.

  • Stop them from feeding

During the cold season during fall, birds may deplete various bird food sources. Fewer berries, bugs, and seeds mean the birds will become aggressive in reaching the remaining food sources. Do a detailed survey of your property to ensure no food source will attract the best birds. At times, improper waste management and standing water attract flocks of birds because it is their primary need. Pest bird netting has emerged as a 100% effective means when correctly installed. You may keep the birds away from destructive disseminating fall foliage when you exclude netting. You may apply taste aversion to these areas to protect your fields and lawns from migrating water birds.

  • Stop them from entering your building

As the season approaches cold, non-migratory flocks of birds will look for warm shelter in human habitation. In parking garages, warehouses, and sheds, you will see migratory birds approaching. It’s because they come up as a source of water and food. When conducting property evaluation, look for these areas so that you can install bird exclusion netting much before the season approaches.

Fall bird season is the best time to remove stubborn geese from your property. During other times, it may be highly challenging to deter the birds. Use Sonic repellent systems for removing transient geese and other problems from your property. You may use bird repellents from Fly Away BMS, the best options in town. It’s fundamental to remember that geese are found in regions with access to a water body. To block the geese from entering the water body, you may cause problems like an airport retention pond and use bird walls as a floating cover. For detailed information regarding effective goose control, you may read blogs online.

  • Handling different species 

You cannot remove nests for different species of birds because it is illegal. So, in that case, look at the above-given points in detail. Feathers and other debris may become an attraction for various based birds. Ensure that the nests are vacated before removing them. If the bird dropping is present on your property, you may use different means for easy and safe clean up.

Moreover, you may also take the help of professionals because they know how to go about the procedure in detail. Professionals will come to your rescue if you want practical and long-lasting bird control.


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