Protect Your Home With The Complete Care Home Warranty

You’ve worked hard to get your home to where it is today, so don’t leave it unprotected. At Complete Care Home Warranty, they offer quality home warranties on appliances and systems in your home or apartment. Whether you have an issue with the plumbing, electrical system, or any other major systems or appliances, you’ll be protected from high repair costs with our plans from the top brands in home warranties.

Why Do I Need Complete Care Home Warranty?

Whether you are buying a new home or putting money into an existing one, it is important to make sure that your home is properly covered in case of future damages. When it comes to appliances and home systems, you may have coverage through your homeowner’s insurance policy, but as many as 30% of homes do not have adequate coverage for repairs related to these areas. Many people find out too late that their insurance policy doesn’t cover certain issues when they file a claim.

How Does it Work?

Do you own your home? If so, are you confident that you’re doing everything possible to protect your biggest investment? Without a home warranty, repairs for major appliances and systems in your home, including HVAC and plumbing, can cost thousands of dollars. A complete care home warranty can help safeguard your largest investment by covering hundreds of thousands of dollars in eligible repair costs over time.

With convenient payment options, friendly agents ready to answer questions 24/7, and an As-You-Go service contract that allows for as much or as little coverage as you need, Complete Care Home Warranty is America’s No.1 provider of comprehensive residential protection plans.

What Are Your Benefits?

Complete Care home warranty covers heating, cooling, and appliances as standard equipment on your homeowner’s insurance. You can also get coverage for garage doors, solar panels, water heaters, pool equipment, and more. Depending on where you live, if you have a tree nearby, or if you rent your home and still want to protect it with a home warranty, then our multiline coverage options could be right for you. 

In fact, Complete Care Home Warranty offers full windstorm and hail coverage that is supplemental to regular homeowners insurance. That means your renters can purchase a full windstorm policy at less than half of what they’d normally pay while being covered by both policies during storms! It’s just one example of how Complete Care takes care of its customers – complete care.


Owning a home comes with many responsibilities, and one of those is protecting your property from damage. Depending on where you live, seasonal weather can wreak havoc on your heating, air conditioning, and plumbing systems. And in between breakdowns, you have to think about regular maintenance and upkeep as well. Sometimes it seems that no matter how much money you spend upfront, there’s always more to pay out of pocket.

But if you have a home warranty plan in place, repairs are covered for an entire year which means more time for actually enjoying your house and less time worrying about being taken advantage of by contractors or appliance vendors who overcharge just because they know you don’t have any other options.

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