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Prospects for the Tokenization of Emerging Protocols: Interview with Riff Goatski, CEO of Degen Express

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Memecoins have become a dominant force in the cryptocurrency market, with their market capitalization exceeding $50 billion and surpassing the valuations of the non-fungible token (NFT) and decentralized finance (DeFi) sectors. This surge in memecoin popularity has been driven by the fear of missing out (FOMO) among investors, as well as the growing correlation between memecoins and Bitcoin. With some of the players storing 1000% growth potential, the rapid expansion in the space is anticipated. At the same time, increasing investor exposure of the nascent tokens in the niche is playing an increasingly important role. Degen Express is one of the most interesting and promising projects that are actively tackling this problem, offering the market an innovative launchpad platform for discovering, investing in, and engaging with emerging tokens and protocols at the earliest stages. We discussed the benefits that crypto enthusiasts (“degens”) and DeFi protocol creators can derive from Degen Express, as well as the long-overdue changes the platform is bringing to the decentralized finance ecosystem with the CEO of the Degen Express platform, Riff Goatski.

     1. What is the know-how of the project? Tell us about its transformative potential.

The know-how of Degen Express lies in its deep understanding of the memecoin niche within the broader DeFi landscape. By leveraging advanced technologies such as automated market making, decentralized governance, and community-driven incentives, Degen Express has the potential to transform the way memecoins are discovered, traded, and utilized. Through innovative features and a user-centric approach, Degen Express aims to unlock new opportunities for memecoins, driving growth and adoption in this rapidly evolving space.

     2. How did the idea for the Degen Express project come about? What inspired you?

Degen Express was born out of a recognition of the growing culture of memecoins and the need of a secured and fun environment for everyone in the Web3 space. By combining our passion for decentralized finance with our expertise in blockchain technology, we set out to build a platform that would empower memecoins, its creators and off course the community.

     3. Why did you decide to focus on the memecoin niche specifically?

We decided to focus on the memecoin niche specifically due to its unique characteristics. Memecoins have captured the imagination of millions of users worldwide, offering a fun and accessible entry point into the world of DeFi and Web3 culture. We see Degen Express as the perfect meme catalyst that can provide to the community a decentralized hub where they can discover, trade, and engage with their favorite tokens in a safe and user-friendly environment.

     4. Why do you believe the project can succeed at this particular time?

With more than 300 memecoins launched in less than a month, we believe Degen Express will become a multichain major player in the meme incubator scene. As our community expands, so are our horizons. We are present on Fantom chain, Base and now BSC to start with, and will continue to expand on Arbitrum, AVAX and many more in the near future.

     5. What is the profile of your target audience for Degen Express?

Our target audience for Degen Express includes memecoin enthusiasts, cryptocurrency traders, and DeFi enthusiasts who are looking for a dedicated platform to discover, trade, and engage with memecoins. Additionally, we aim to attract users who are new to the cryptocurrency space and are drawn to the fun and accessible nature of memecoins. By catering to a diverse range of users and providing a seamless user experience, we aim to establish Degen Express as the go-to platform for memecoin degens worldwide.

     6. What makes Degen Express interesting for the average crypto enthusiast?

Degen Express is interesting for the average crypto enthusiast because it provides a decentralized hub where they can discover, trade, and engage with memecoins in a safe and user-friendly environment. By offering advanced features such as automated market making, decentralized governance, and community-driven incentives, Degen Express empowers users to take control of their digital assets and participate in the vibrant memecoin ecosystem. Whether buying and selling tokens, staking and earning rewards, or participating in community forums, Degen Express is the go-to.

     7. What benefits does Degen Express offer to the creators of new DeFi protocols?

Degen Express offers several benefits to the creators of new DeFi protocols, including access to a dedicated platform with a built-in user base of memecoin enthusiasts, streamlined token distribution mechanisms, a thriving community to build with. By listing their tokens on Degen Express, creators can increase visibility and liquidity for their projects, driving growth and adoption in the competitive DeFi landscape.  It is basically a turn-key solution, so that a token can be launched in literally minutes without the risk of snipers, scams and hacks.

     8. What is the role of Fantom Chain ($FTM) and Base Network ($BASE) on Degen Express?

Fantom Chain ($FTM) and Base Network ($BASE) play integral roles in the Degen Express ecosystem, providing scalability, interoperability, and security for our platform and users. Fantom Chain serves as the underlying blockchain infrastructure for Degen Express, offering fast transaction speeds and low fees to ensure a seamless user experience. Base Network, on the other hand, provides cross-chain compatibility and interoperability, allowing users to access Degen Express from a variety of blockchain networks and digital asset ecosystems. Together, Fantom Chain and Base Network enable Degen Express to deliver a robust and reliable platform for memecoin enthusiasts worldwide.

     9. What is the current stage of Degen Express’s development and implementation?

Degen Express is already live with more than 300 coins launched and the development team is constantly improving the platform by adding new features, each week. Also, our focus is to become multichain. Therefore, we are available on Fantom, Base and BSC with plans to open Arbitrum, AVAX and more.

     10. How do you envision the future of Degen Express? What is your ultimate goal?

By fostering innovation, driving growth, and building community, we aim to establish Degen Express as the leading platform for memecoin trading, staking, and engagement, driving value and utility for users and stakeholders alike.


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