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Pros and Cons of Leather Car Seats

If you don’t already have leather seats in your car, I know that you at least thought of buying a car with them. You can see all the different stories and experiences people had with leather seats, but most of them are subjective. That’s why today we’ll show you the real pros and cons of leather car seats, so you can better know if they’ll suit you.

Both faux and genuine leather car seats have the same pros and cons so we won’t separate them. Of course, genuine leather car seats have a more premium look, quality, and longevity. Without further ado, let’s see the good and bad about leather car seats.

Pros of Leather Car Seats

Here are the main advantages of leather car seats.

Easier Cleaning

It’s so much easier to clean leather seats than the standard fabric/upholstery ones. Even cleaning perforated leather seats is much easier than cloth ones. Stains don’t get stubborn, and you can easily clean anything by just simply spraying the leather cleaning solution and wiping off the dirt with a clean microfiber towel.

Variety of Options

There are a ton of different types of car leather seats: full leather seats, fake leather, sky, suede, Alcantara, a mix of Alcantara and leather, perforated leather seats, and similar. As you can see, there are many combination people like to buy, and that usually isn’t possible with standard cloth seats. Personally, I have a combination of real leather and Alcantara – that’s a perfect combination if you ask me.

Premium Look and Feel

No doubt, all leather seats have that premium look and feel when you’re driving in your vehicle. There are no cloth car seats that can substitute the feel of high-quality leather seats, and that’s especially true if you have perforated leather seats (seats with tiny holes) that have the option of cooling as well, which isn’t possible in any other type of car seat.


Leather car seats (genuine ones) will outlast any other type of car seat if you take care of them (regular conditioning) and take steps to prevent them from cracking and tearing. The reason for that is that leather car seats are waterproof, and nothing can enter inside the seat and destroy it (dirt, dust, bacteria, bugs, etc.).

Higher Car Resale Value

Even though you’ll have to pay a bit more in the first place, the good thing about cars equipped with leather seats is that they’ll keep the resale value higher. Furthermore, people are more likely to buy a car with leather seats than one with cloth car seats. So, with a higher price, your car may also get more attention when you decide to sell it.

Cons of Leather Car Seats

Here are the most common disadvantages of car leather seats.

Hot During Summer & Cold During The Winter

Leather seats tend to get pretty hot during summer and, opposite, extremely cold during the winter. Even though that feeling lasts only for a few seconds, it can be upsetting. That’s why I strongly recommend you buy leather seats with at least heating, and if possible, get a car with perforated leather seats that have the cooling option.

They Require Regular Maintenance

As I already told you, leather seats will last longer than standard cloth seats. But there’s a catch. For them to last long, you need to maintain them properly, which means thoroughly cleaning them and applying high-quality leather conditioner at least once a month. Leather must be hydrated all the time. Otherwise, it can start to crack and tear.

Leather Seats Can Be Slippery If You’re an Aggressive Driver

If you like driving fast, especially through corners or off-road, you’ll notice that leather seats don’t hold you well enough as fabric car seats. And no, I don’t think on-site support. The material itself is a bit slippery. So, if you like driving faster like me, I suggest you buy a combination of leather and Alcantara. Alcantara is usually in the middle, and it’ll hold you tight through the bends. The other option you have is to buy leather car seats with extremely protruding back support.

Final Thoughts

As you can see above, leather car seats have some fantastic benefits but also disadvantages. All in all, I think they’re great to have in your car, especially if you’re buying a family car. It’ll be easier to keep clean.

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